Could the Browns go O-Line with the No. 4 pick?

Greg Robinson

Among all of the sexy, play-making names who appear near the top of mock drafts everywere, could the Cleveland Browns be considering the least sexy of them all? In his latest mock draft published on ESPN Cleveland’s ever-muddled website, Browns beat writer Tony Grossi brings Auburn’s Greg Robinson’s name into the fold as a possibility at No. 4.

Robinson is a unquestioned stud. He’s the No. 2 player on Mel Kiper’s Big Board (behind South Carolina’s Jadaveon Clowney). He’s a giant. He’s dominant. He moves well. He’s a future star. He’s an offensive lineman.

Browns fans have long set themselves up for the team to take a play-making, skill position player with the fourth-overall selection—Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Sammy Watkins among them. Conversely, Browns GM Ray Farmer has long stated that the team has the luxury of not having to reach for a specific position—a luxury afforded to them by having so many holes—and the team would be taking the top-rated player on their draft board. The 6-foot-5-inch, 300-pound Robinson could easily be there when the Browns’ helmet pops up at the bottom of the screen on Draft Night. He’s a player who could be the long-term answer at tackle, and, at least per Grossi, could be asked to play guard in the near term.

Need something to butter you up? Keep an eye on No. 73.

Robinson came into Auburn as a guard and later became an All-World left tackle. He’s very skilled, very talented, and very raw. By all accounts, he  will be making many trips to the Pro Bowl (as long as it continues to exist) throughout his career. He’s a player who will undoubtedly make the Browns better if he’s brought on board, but he won’t do much in the way of adding to jersey sales—at least out of the gate.  If the Browns don’t address their offensive line via free agency between now and May, he’s very much in play.

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  • mgbode

    most ridiculous play by Beckham…watch closely, yes that is a 1handed kickoff nab with a windmill action…


  • mgbode

    and boltsfromtheblue break down all the WRs and Cooks just does all the little things perfectly


  • Ronald

    It’s right on that we need to address the OL situation. I still would prefer Watkins at #4. Move Schwartz to the guard position, and draft a right tackle. Get a vetern QB to backup Hoyer. Ha! That’s all there is to it.

  • RGB

    Watkins has been prime time since he was a skinny freshman.

  • RGB

    Soooo, have we signed Sanchez, yet?

  • Glenn Bam Caudill

    The top QBs concern me too much to take in the first round. There is an abundance of WR/OL. Take Clowney or Mack at #4. Browns can put the best seven on the field at the same time, rotate to keep them fresh, and utilize which ones should be there in obvious passing downs. LB is a big whole. How long will Kruger and Dansby be here anyways? Get the best WR/OL available at 26 and 37. WR Allen Robinson at 26 would be nice. OG seem to be deep. The exception I would make at 37 would be if Carr or Garopolo would still be there.

  • Petefranklin

    It’s so addicting though, especially picking at 4, mouth watering.