Browns’ Hoyer ahead of schedule with ACL rehab


Buried at the very bottom of a column on the Houston Texans trading Matt Schaub to Oakland is the news that Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is ahead of schedule as he attempts to come back from tearing his ACL last October. Hoyer has been dodging bullets all offseason as the Browns are continually pegged as one of the teams that will be adding help at the quarterback position; they’ve only removed all of his competition to this point, releasing Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell earlier this month.

Hoyer went 2-0 and threw five touchdowns in the two full games he played in last season. He blew out his knee just under six months ago, but there’s already talk that he’ll get some work in during April OTAs. If this proves to be  true, he’ll be ready to battle for the starting job (with whomever the Browns add to the ranks) come August. The team is widely anticipated to be using a first-round pick in the impending NFL Draft on a quarterback, but talk seems to have shifted as of late as some think they could use the No. 4 pick on offensive line help.

In the meantime, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports expects the Browns to sign free agent QB Rex Grossman. After losing out on Schaub, Grossman is considered the next best free agent option. Sexy Rexy would presumably be a liason of sorts, linking former Redskins (and current Browns) offensive coordinator to whomever gets first-team reps come August.

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  • I suppose team reports of ‘rehab ahead of schedule’ should be taken with like grains of salt as ‘surgery was successful.’

    but still… like button.

    and let’s hope he’s not ‘battling for a starting job.’ it should be his starting job. no drama this year, please.

  • BenRM

    “After losing out on Schaub, Grossman is considered the next best free agent option.”

    I wouldn’t exactly say they were losing out on Schaub.

  • Harv 21

    Ah, looove Lake Wobegon Season, where the draft picks are plenty, the front office is comfortable with its draft board and all the rehabs are ahead of schedule.

  • Pat Leonard

    I think we all know that it usually takes about six months to heal from ACL surgery anymore. What I want to know is how mentally prepared is Brian Hoyer to take a hit in that knee from a 320 lb defensive tackle? Coming back from an ACL injury is as much about the mental aspect as it is the structural component.

  • RGB

    If he’s battling for a starting job against the likes of Flynn, Grossman, McCoy, we have big problems.

  • Garry_Owen

    Is he “Adrian Peterson ahead of schedule,” or “Robert Griffin the Third ahead of schedule”?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I thought La Canfora would go away once Lombardi left but good news with Hoyer lets just hope it’s true.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Btw no thanks on Gross Man!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    And I wouldn’t say Gross Man is considered the next best free agent option!

  • mgbode

    I want to know if he has learned to slide. In Kanick’s breakdowns of Hoyer, he showed that the terrible injury-sustaining slide was not a 1 time bad slide, but just how Brian does it.

  • Kildawg

    I view it the starting QB job as Hoyer’s to lose. FA QBs and ‘top’ QBs in draft are underwhelming. A guy like Aaron Murray out of Georgia would be a good project to stash on IR as he learns the offense, and Grossman would be a big help as well as seasoned backup.

  • Kildawg

    Here’s hoping much more Peterson and nowhere near Griffin. Redskins still hurting from that folly of a trade. At least Weeden cost only one blown first round pick; Griffin cost 3, including 2 Top 10 picks.

  • mgbode

    65% 20TD 5INT 102.4 QBrating (Playoffs!)
    60% 16TD 12INT 82.2 QBrating

    Now, the regression seemed to be largely due to his inability to scramble and extend plays as he did as a rookie (direct link to ACL injury and his struggles making post-snap defensive reads), but there is a long way to go to say that Washington will regret that pick. That rookie year was phenomenal and even that 2nd year regression is better QB play than we have seen with our team.

    He should improve back at least to somewhere in the middle and who here wouldn’t gladly take that?