Ben Tate contract details revealed

The NFL Players Association revealed details about Ben Tate’s contract with the Browns on Tuesday.

The deal was originally reported to be a heavy incentive based contract. In the end, $1 million ($500 thousand each year) is tied to performance bonuses.

Regardless, the deal is still less than the four year deal that the Redskins gave to former Browns guard Shawn Lauvao. In fact, Tate’s base salary will not be among the top 20 running backs in the league.

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  • hm. ok, this seems too low.
    now i’m a tad nervous that we are missing some info. this is like a bynum contract. still glad we have him.. but something fishy here.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Sssssssshhhh don’t fret Browns fan even if it were a Bynum like contract your team still is the biggest benefactor.

  • saggy

    i was thinking the same thing. But let’s wait until MJD gets paid and compare. No idea how much MJD will go for, but it won’t be a ton.

  • mgbode

    Likely a compromise. Tate gets a prove-it deal that ends when he’ll still be in his prime. Browns get a slightly discounted contract, but one that ends pretty quickly (2 years).

  • C-Bus Kevin

    This contract is a reflection of the perceived value of RBs in today’s NFL. It’s just not worth it to pay any running back big money. Injuries to that position are so frequent, and the passing game has taken over, even an AD isn’t worth big bucks beyond a one or two year deal.

    Plus, running back production falls off a cliff for nearly every player at some point in their career. One year, they’re toting it 1,500 yards…the next, they’re Ray Rice.