Animated: Brandon Weeden’s career in Cleveland … in gifs

Has any one NFL player provided as much giffable content as Brandon Weeden has in his two (was it really just two?) seasons with the Browns? Weeden was cut loose on Wednesday afternoon, set to take advantage of other opportunities. But today, we take a look back at Weeden’s career in Cleveland, one gif at a time.

Before the quarterback even took his first snap in the league, he was a widely-shared graphic interchange file. #USA

And somehow, in that very same game (one where the Browns lost by one point) this happened:

Little did we know, Game One would merely foreshadow. This one, from SBNation, is aptly titled “Weeden No Care.”

Remember all of those batted passes? Here’s this beauty, in a game the Browns managed to actually win (largely thanks to eight Steelers turnovers).


Remember that winnable game against the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Late in 2013, after being benched, the Browns were forced to go back to Weeden to close out the season. Here’s how he capitalized on that moment.

And the pièce de résistance:

Weeden's Bad Pass

  • Adam Copeland

    This is painful to watch. The fact that this guy was a first round pick makes me feel even better that Holmgren was canned.

    One thing I never noticed until now on the infamous flip play against the Lions is there was a clear, uncalled roughing the QB on that play as a Lions player (probably Suh) brings Weeden down by the knee a couple beats after the ball is released. Weeden actually should have actually gotten a do-over plus 15 yards.

  • Trevor Britton

    I disagree, how was the lions player supposed to know he released the ball? Weeden pump-faked, he jumped at him, then he awkwardly flipped the ball as the lions player was falling towards him. So he then tripped him up, because if he hadn’t tossed the ball it would have been a sack.

    numbers 3 and 4 i hardly blame weeden for though. If the receivers aren’t open, what should weeden do? and he threw a good pass to little, the lineman was able to tip it. good play on D.

  • CB Everett

    I am far from being technically capable, so but could somebody please please dub over the gifs with the music from Benny Hill? Please make it so. Thank you

  • mgbode

    these are great. most in here as well (not sure who created it, just adding to the fun):

  • John In Lakewood

    and this collection is (I believe) only from the 2013 season!!!!!

  • mgbode

    and there are still so many more to choose. the double-pass v. Giants in the redzone (gif on release thread), the entire 1st drive after Hoyer got hurt v. Bills, et cetera.

  • RGB
  • Ezzie Goldish

    This needs to come with a warning. When that draft pick was announced, my co-season ticket holder almost broke my TV, while I yelled at my brother for subjecting my 9-year old nephew for subjecting his son to a lifetime of misery by making him a Browns’ fan.

    As my friend says: The worst part of being a Browns’ fan is the constant feeling that we know better than them.

  • Jeff Ameen

    Do you understand how much therapy you’ve undone by posting these??!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mgbode

    hey, sometimes you’re the minion with the gun, sometimes you’re the minion in the gun:

  • VAfan

    Getting caught under the American flag during game one opening ceremony should have been a good clue of things to come. Good riddance, Wee-done!

  • dwhit110

    The flipper play will always be remembered, but it’s pretty funny to look back at that American Flag mishap before his first game with everything we know now.

  • Bluedog93

    I disagree. The worst part about being a Browns’ fan isn’t thinking that you know better than them, the worst part is that, all too often, you are right.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Well, yes. Exactly.