Indians avoid arbitration with Justin Masterson

Justin Masterson

The Cleveland Indians and ace right-hander Justin Masterson managed to succesffully avoided a mid-day plane trip to Florida, agreeing to terms on a one-year, arbitration-avoiding deal. Take it away, boys…

Recall, the Indians and Masterson filed arbitration values that were vastly different—the team submitted a $8.05 million one-year bid; Masterson, conversely, asked for $11.8 million. MLB Trade Rumors (correctly) estimated that he would receive $9.7 million, proving once again that web-dwelling writers know more than anyone1.

In 2013, the Giant Jamaican posted a 14-10 record and 3.29 ERA in 32 games (29 starts). Masterson is slated to be a free agent following the conclusion of the 2014 season and has, thus far, been unable to come to terms on a multi-year deal with the Indians’ front office. Both sides have said they’re open to a long-term deal, but as Paul Hoynes of the Northeast Ohio Media Group writes, “it’s believed those talks have gained little, if any, traction.” If you ask our own Jacob, this may not be such a bad thing.

Image via Chuck Crow, The Plain Dealer

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  • Natedawg86

    This have something to do with the indians winning other arbitration cases? Would like to see him locked up soon to a 4-5 yr contract.

  • Harv 21

    The more I think about it the less chance there seems to lock up Masterson. Good starting pitching is so sought after that Masterson’s agent knows the Tribe will be outbid on the open market, and by plenty. And the Indians seem to think they now finally have decent young starters in the pipeline, and probably want to keep their powder dry to make a real effort to lock up Kipnis.

    Just don’t see Masterson as long for this town.

  • JNeids

    They may have successfully avoided the arb hearing, but no trip to Florida avoided, however long, would I consider a success.

  • nj0

    Avoiding the possibility of getting shot is a win. Florida is like east Texas without the class.

  • mgbode

    Just wear USC song-girl boots and you’ll be fine.

  • mgbode

    less time in Florida = more time in Arizona. this is one of the few months of the calendar year that you want to spend as much time in Arizona as possible.

  • JNeids

    Good lord, I was just trying to say I’d rather be anywhere but Cleveland with this weather but you guys are relentless! 🙂
    (I realize I’m posting this on Wednesday when the weather has broken, at least for a day or two…tried to reply last night but can’t seem to get Disqus to work on my phone lately…)

  • mgbode

    just a couple Texas folks having some fun with you. please don’t take offense. we simply do not know any better as we are simple folk.

  • JNeids

    No offense taken whatsoever. I can see where Florida wouldn’t have the same weather-related appeal to you Texans.