Mike Pettine responds well to Cleveland Browns Harbaugh revelations

Pettine presser

Regardless of the conclusion one chooses to draw from the recent revelations regarding the Cleveland Browns’ attempted acquisition of 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, it’s a pretty big piece of news. The reverberations were obviously going to reach recently-hired Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine, but rather than being bowled over by the waves, Pettine has planted his feet and deflected them with relative ease.

When speaking of the phone call that Pettine received ahead of the news, the coach said, “I shot the messenger a little bit because I asked, ‘How does that affect my tenure as the head coach?” That’s a pretty healthy outlook if you ask me. Coach Pettine continued, “I think that’s noise. That’s something that has no bearing on my job moving forward and I think that’s a critical thing.”

Finally, to put it to rest, Pettine echoed a lot of my own sentiment regarding the Browns’ pursuit of a proven head coach. “I think that when you look at it, I think that it shows that the organization’s committed to getting it turned around, that it would investigate that option. I see that as a positive.”

The Jim Harbaugh news couldn’t have much less to do with Mike Pettine when it’s all said and done. Pettine is a first-time head coach without an NFL track record at that level. Pettine couldn’t be offended by the Browns’ pursuit of Jim Harbaugh anymore than they could be if the Browns had conversations with any other candidate with an NFL track record.

Pettine knows that it’s his job. He knows that he likely beat out some candidates. He also likely knows that he never would have been hired if a few other options had come together in the Browns’ favor. That’s not a knock against him. That’s just reality of his level of candidacy. The good thing is that it appears Pettine is the kind of guy who can accept who he is and where he is currently. He seems firmly focused on making the most of his own situation.

I really like this guy from what I know of him so far. It’s going to be a real shame (for him and for us) if it turns out he isn’t at least a decent NFL head coach.

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  • CB Everett

    Pettine closed his response to the stupidity with a quote from Fight Club: “Or maybe you shouldn’t bring me every little piece of trash you happen to pick up.”

  • RGB

    The bozos who dreamed up that mess are long gone, so why should Pettine care?
    If the press wants answers, they should go ask Lombanner.
    But, it’s not answers that they’re really after, is it? 😉

  • Wow

    It’s amusing this was even brought up. Poor guy. He handled it well though.

  • MrCleaveland

    More Dr. Phil and Oprah angst brought to you by the therapists who cover the National Feelings League.

    What did the media morons expect Pettine to say?

    Emphathetic, caring media twit: Oh Mike, how do you FEEL about the shocking news that a month ago the Browns made an overture to Jim Harbaugh before they hired you?

    Pettine: Oh Mary Kay, I feel so invalidated. This news is so hurtful. It’s like I’m just worthless. I . . . I don’t know if I can go on. Do you have a tissue?

    Twit: A tissue? Of course I have a tissue. I’m a member of the emphathic, caring media. I have a whole case of tissues. So tell me, is there anybody you know who died recently that I can get you to cry about?

  • mgbode

    Would have preferred he give the “journalist” a stone cold stunner, but his response works too.

  • bossman09

    It’s a legit news story. It’s very rare that NFL teams trade for coaches and when it happens, it sends shock waves. Pett’s answer is perfect – Ultimately, it means nothing to him and doesn’t change his job.