Todd Bowles succeeded Ray Horton in Arizona, interviews with Cleveland Friday

is this the last time I get to use this graphic?

The Cleveland Browns are starting to put their interviews together and Jason LaCanfora reports that the Browns are set to interview Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Friday. Not only does Bowles qualify the Browns for the Rooney rule, but he might also lend some insight into what it takes to coach a team coming off of Ray Horton’s coaching. Bowles had coached the 4-3 prior to getting to Arizona where he coached the 3-4 defense for head coach Bruce Arians this season.

In 2013, Arizona had the 6th ranked team in terms of total yards given up. They were seventh in the almighty category of points given up per game at 20.3. In 2012 under Ray Horton, the Cards were 12th in yards and 17th in points. That’s obviously a very simplistic approach to looking at the two coordinators, but it’s something.

Bowles’ experience as an NFL head coach is limited to an interim stint for Miami in 2011 where he went 2-1. Hey, anyone know who Bowles’ agent is?

All this talk about Bowles feels like a waste of breath as the Browns have scheduled an interview with the presumptive favorite Josh McDaniels the following day on Saturday. Until such time as McDaniels is passed over and that talk cools, he remains the assumed successor to Rob Chudzinski as far as I’m concerned.

McDaniels Sad Face

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    I can’t wait.

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    Nice caption Craig lol.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    That makes one of us but I’m sure @DeePagel is wetting himself already I mean he said 10-6 next season. Once McDaniels is named I’m sure he’ll up it to 11-5 or 12-4.

  • nj0

    Don’t HCs usually want a say in their coordinators?

    edit: My mistake. Thought he was interviewing for a coordinator position. Reading comprehension.

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    bring in Tebow NOW and McDaniels is in the bag!

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    Psycho Crusher!

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    McDaniels, Schwartz, Bowles – the guys noone else is interviewing because well, I guess we’re just smarter? (oh, wait, Minny is going to interview Bowles at some point too. yay?)

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    But Jimmy Haslam said it’s not the same Cleveland Browns!