Indians allegedly adopt “Block C” as their primary logo

Per Paul Lukas of the Uni Watch Blog, the Cleveland Indians have changed their “primary” logo to the Block C that has adorned navy, red and special edition hats over the last several seasons.

Lukas, who has been one of the web’s more outspoken anti-Chief Wahoo voices, does add that the highly discussed cartoon logo will still be on Tribe’s jersey sleeves as well as the home cap, leaving us wondering exactly what—if anything—the difference is between this and seasons past. This appears to merely be a semantic adjustment made wherein the Indians’ television and promotions (and website-based advertising) will feature the “Block C” on a national level rather than Chief Wahoo.

Update: The Indians tell WFNY that their usage of all of their logos—Block C, Chief Wahoo, and the script “Indians”—will remain identical to 2013 and that all three are featured within the 2014 MLB stylebook.

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  • mgbode

    that is a fair point and the tribe itself is a bit splintered as well. the Chippewa’s are likely the best example to use (Jimbo & Winston just were closer to the front of my mind – along with trying to denigrate anything “up north”).

  • mgbode

    are you kidding? that might be the most ingenious change ever! people will go to the games because they got $30 tickets to see the Cleveland Browns (cheap!) and the team only needs to win 25% of their games to sellout. Even the Astros(31.5%) did better!

  • iwojimafan

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  • The_Matt_Of_Akron
  • mgbode

    would American Indians be part of the Caucasian Race then? hasn’t it been shown that they originally migrated from Asia across the Bering Sea pass and proliferated across the Americas?

    in fact, yes:

    also, Indians are currently classified under the Mongolian/Asian race as well.

  • Bob

    When my wife was in vet school (an SEC school if you’re curious, but I’d rather not elaborate so as to not unintentionally bring down her particular program which was very competently run), there was a case 4 or 5 years ago of animal cruelty that came through. An old (60-ish I think) man was caught putting a litter of kittens in a duffel bag and throwing it into the river, drowning them. He was charged with animal cruelty, however his reason for throwing the cats in the river went along the lines of ‘it’s what my father taught me to do when you find strays, and it’s what I’ve always done.’

    I think the moral of the story is that the argument ‘this is the way it’s always been, therefore this is the way it should be’ is crap. Chief Wahoo’s been around for years and is very much ingrained in the culture of Cleveland, but that alone doesn’t automatically give him a pass. I grew up in the days of Brook Jacoby, Greg Swindell, and Julio Franco, the mid-late 90’s were awesome and understand the reluctance to let go. (Until recently I was very much in support of keeping the chief as well.) The Native Americans should also understand that Chief Wahoo is part of Cleveland’s culture, and people will be reluctant to let go. Would anyone here approve of an expansion team today that uses Little Black Sambo on their hats, and if not, would you say that there a significant difference between logos of Chief Wahoo and Little Black Sambo?

  • tom

    great, now were the “Cincinnati Indians” or the Chicago cubdians”…typical America these days,you people that think this is a racist issue are brainless. this pile of buffalo chips came up 20 yrs ago, I remember local tv interviews with actual indian chiefs in north Dakota and how they were proud of the logo and thought it was fun to have around..! a nation full of wimps we are…