ESPN names Anthony Bennett and Jarrett Jack among NBA’s least valuable players


Cavs’ rookie Anthony Bennett and free agent addition Jarrett Jack both found their way onto ESPN’s latest list of the league’s least valuable players. The list takes a look at players who are hurting their team’s chances to win the most, excluding players at the end of rosters who rarely see court time.

The duo of Bennett and Jack were supposed to be key addtions to the Cavaliers this offseason, but as the Cavs have disappointed during the ’13-14 season so have Bennett and Jack.

The number one pick in last year’s draft finds himself at number two on ESPN’s list of least valuable players behind the Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins.

Second place: Anthony Bennett, Cleveland Cavaliers
Please, just send him to the D-League already. This isn’t about pity; it’s about rehabilitation. You know what’s worse for his confidence than a demotion? Sticking with the status quo.
With an obscenely bad 1.1 PER and a subterranean 31.9 percent true shooting percentage, this is the worst rookie season for a top pick by a country mile. The guy is shooting 14-for-78 (18 percent) outside five feet and ranks dead last in win shares (minus-0.9).
For someone with conditioning issues, why nail him to the bench when he could work himself into shape in the D-League without the spotlight? Keeping him on the big-league roster reeks of cognitive dissonance by a desperate organization trying to save face. The sleep apnea, shoulder soreness and asthma issues are real, but so is the potential damage to his career and the Cavs’ chances at relevance. He might not boast the number of minutes as the rest of the names here, but his play is too toxic to leave him off.
While Bennett has garnered the most abuse of any Cavalier for his poor play this season Jack has also drastically disappointed fans of the Wine and Gold. After showing up big in the playoffs last season for Golden State, Jack has struggled to live up to the four year, $25 million deal signed with Cleveland this off season. Jack earned himself a nomination for the league’s least valuable point guard.


Kevin Pelton, ESPN Insider: Jarrett Jack. Although some regression from the career year Jack enjoyed in Golden State was to be expected, the Cavaliers couldn’t have realized they’d be getting the worst season he has played when they signed him this past summer. Jack is barely making 40 percent of his 2-pointers; his assists are down; and he hasn’t provided the kind of leadership Cleveland expected for its investment.
Jack was brought in to stabilize an often times up and down, immature backcourt while Bennett was a draft pick who oozed of potential for the future. Over halfway through the season and the Cavs’ inconsistency and immaturity has not gotten any better, and optimism for Anthony Bennet’s future has all but gone out the window.

Cleveland currently sits 2.5 games out of the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

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  • Jim

    Simple: send him to the D League to actually play competitive basketball or give him the five to ten minutes a game going to Earl Clark. Sitting him at the end of the bench does nothing for his future with the team and I would assume the Cavs are somewhat invested in him since they selected Bennett #1 overall.

  • mgbode

    Ok, I guess I missed that since Hollins played Marc 35min/game last year

  • Lunch

    After today’s win, nope. Mike Brown is better.

  • Lunch

    So explain today’s win despite the fact that we don’t have Hollins, Ewing, or LBJ on this team.

  • slkdfj;lfjk

    Explain the season! This isn’t the NFL every game don’t matter, plus Denver is not an efficient team if Denver was to makes the playoffs they would probably be the 8th seed

  • Kildawg

    But that problem (well two actually) was solved by trading for Deng; the other problem solved was the SF position. At least the Cavs aren’t the worst in the NBA there anymore.

  • Nothing But Dreams & Fantasies

    The 2014 NBA Draft Class . . . they sure aren’t helping anyone out right now.
    Stay In School College Prospects don’t lead NBA Teams to championships.