Dolphins sought trade of Bess despite knowledge of mental condition

Bess TD 2The Richie Incognito bullying scandal has officially met its match. Just weeks after Davone Bess was hospitalized against his will due to concerns surrounding his mental state, the Miami Dolphins took a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach as they shopped the  veteran wide receiver to other NFL teams.

Less than one month before shipping Bess out, the Dolphins learned Bess’s family had him Marchman Acted so he could be evaluated and receive treatment for the emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him.

But while the Dolphins knew Bess was troubled, sources confirm they took a don’t-ask-don’t-tell approach on the matter when shopping and trading Bess. The Dolphins did not offer information on Bess’s apparent personal instability.

Late Friday night, reports surfaced that detailed several chilling scenarios involving Bess and various states of mental volatility which predated his arrest in a Florida airport. While the Dolphins did not break and NFL rules by not disclosing what had happened to Bess, not only did they opt to help their player or cut ties so he could focus on himself rather than the game of football, they felt that the best course of action would be to ship him off to unfamiliar territory and let another franchise sign him to three-year contract extension only to be left picking up the pieces.

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  • maxfnmloans

    the comments section of that linked Herald article is good for a few laughs. Homers gonna homer

  • derek

    Another excellent move made by this regime. Usually companies do these things called background checks before they hire an employee. You would think someone that owns a multi-billion dollar business would do these things to make sure they get the right people in place. Oh wait. And kudos to the Dolphins. They probably lowered their asking price and making teams aware of his back issues while knowing about his troubles off the field and realizing anything they could gain from this guy would be a steal. Banner and Lombardie, we won’t get fooled again!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Two words: Greg Little!

  • Wow

    Banner was too busy trying to look like the smartest guy in the room even though we know he’s not now.

  • Tron

    Why are Big Lebowski comparisons all I can think of?

    Browns: We know that you knew that Bess had issues
    man, we know that you kept the million bucks for yourselves!

    Ireland: You have your story, I have mine.

    Browns: You knew Bess
    had gone mad and you were f***ing glad! You just needed someone to pin him on.
    You just met me and you thought oh, here’s a loser! a deadbeat! Someone the NFL
    doesn’t care about!

    Ireland: Well? Aren’t ya?

  • cbrockman9

    background check?! All they needed to do was check his medical records…ya know, to make sure he didn’t have some season ending injury like a torn ACL or something…oh wait

  • Woods aka Holdenbeach1

    A new story to add to the lore of the Same Old Browns.

  • vince

    You can’t just “check someones medical records.” That’s not how medical records work. There’s no centralized data somewhere. They would have had to know to call that specific mental hospital AND have Bess’ written permission. Whatever else Banner and company are responsible for, this was out of their hands.

  • 0101


  • simond

    this makes a guy like Jeff Ireland and a team like the Dolphins hard to trust with future trades