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Davone Bess, Browns firing of Chud, Cavs’ future – WFNY Podcast – 2014-01-06

WFNY Podcast LogoFirst week in a long time without Scott Raab. First pinch hitter out of the gate was Andrew. We spent some time talking about the Browns and all their maneuvers along with how quiet it has generally been about Davone Bess.


Scott’s post on Davone Bess is an interesting place to start.

– why is this topic going so under the radar? on the one hand we’ve heard that he has problems in his personal life, likely with his family. I understand the media not wanting to report that, but his pot pictures indicate some sort of meltdown.

– on the other hand, some of the reaction to Scott’s post seemed to indicate, “what’s the big deal? It’s pot and it’s basically legal now!” that’s something we talked about with chris perez earlier this year. Even if you don’t have an ethical dilemma about pot (and I don’t) that doesn’t mean that it isn’t some sort of self-destructive meltdown to have it shipped through the mail / post pics on instagram

– does the Bess thing just have everything to do with the fact that the Browns are such a mess otherwise?

– As for the Browns, obviously confidence is extremely shaken in the entire organization now, but does that preclude them from being right? Is it even possible in your mind that their story is just 100% true and they couldn’t work with Chud despite their reasons for hiring him in the first place?

– if Chud was hard headed about playing McGahee, Little, Lauvao and others as opposed to moving on, would you consider those decent enough reasons for firing a guy? If they were so far off from being on the same page, isn’t it the right move?

– Are you shocked that a first time head coach like Chud would seemingly be willing to push back on his superiors? Do you think it was guidance from Norv Turner – who reportedly blew up at Banner in his meeting – for standing his ground?

– Lastly, we’ll talk Cavs. What are the going to do with Bynum. I’m hoping it’s done before we record, honestly. Otherwise, we can talk about Grant and how hot his seat might be at this point.

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  • boomhauertjs

    I really liked the discussion on the Cavs. Chris Grant wasn’t building a team, he was collecting “assets” for a trade for another star player (Aldridge, Love, etc.) Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen (at least before this summer) and now he’s left with a mismatched group of players that aren’t good enough to make the playoffs, but not bad enough to ensure getting one of the franchise guys in this loaded draft. He had some bad luck with the poor drafts of the last 4 years (and not getting the 1st pick in the Anthony Davis draft), but that doesn’t excuse that this team isn’t going anywhere absent something crazy happening with No. 23 this summer.

  • Agreed on all accounts. And with this infrastructure in place, I just don’t see LeBron even considering coming back.

  • TheRobot57

    I really want to hear some more of Scott. I feel my anger about the Browns is released when he rips the front office apart. Do you guys have a link as to what Norv said to Banner? I would love to see what he said.