Chris Grant: Cavalier fans deserve better


Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant addressed local media on Wednesday afternoon following his team’s five-game home stand in which they went 1-4. The last two games provided increased attention after the Cavs blew a 20-point lead against the Phoenix Suns and were subsequently abused by the New Orleans Pelicans. Both games resulted in a chorus of boos from Cavalier fans.

“It’s frustrating,” said Grant. “It’s disappointing. The fans deserve better. the lack of effort is just not acceptable.”

The Cavs are currently 24th in the league in offensive efficiency (98.4) while slotting in 18th in defensive efficiency (104.1). They currently have the second-worst true shooting percentage in the NBA (50.4), bettering only the Milwaukee Bucks (50.0) and are on pace for roughly 30 wins.

Cavs head coach Mike Brown, who has drawn much in the way of fan criticism as of late, questioned the team’s mental toughness and in-game effort on multiple occasions. Grant added that he believes in Brown and both his offensive and defensive systems. The general manager said that the players currently on the roster need to be more consistent in their execution on both ends.

“The system fits the guys,” added Grant. “It’s about doing it consistently.”

  • Justin Bennett

    Hey Chris its not just the fans who dont believe in Brown, its obvious none of the players do either.

    Just be done with it and add an another coach being paid to sit at home to the list.

  • Matthew Grant Anson

    Hire Chud.

  • JeBron_Lames

    For some reason, I feel that I trust Grant more about getting the right players than Brown on developing and using them in the right way to win.

    Here’s why: I look at the past three drafts and I see the players that Grant chose. Kyrie, Tristan, Dion, Zeller, Bennett, and Karasev. Out of that bunch who would you have taken otherwise? Kyrie is a no-brainer, so Jonas Valanciunas over Tristan? Fair enough, but Tristan has turned a very solid if not above average player. In 2012, Grant could (should) have picked Drummond over Dion, but again would he would have drafted someone who was very raw offensively, so I understand his logic with selecting Dion. Zeller is a very good backup C and a serviceable starter in a pinch, so that selection is fine. In 2013, outside of Victor Oladipo (who really didn’t want to play in Cleveland, so Dion 2.0), who would you have selected? Noel? I guess, but there really wasn’t a consensus top pick and the Cavs were/are determined to make the playoffs as soon as possible so they wanted someone who could have an immediate impact.

    I really feel it’s Brown’s fault mostly. He was the first and only coach interviewed and the mindset was “If he made a team with LeBron and a bunch a nobodies into a Top-10 defense, he can certainly do it again with better talent as a whole.” Something is wrong here because it feels like the players aren’t buying into Brown and I don’t blame them.

    I do blame the front office for the hiring of Brown, not so much the players they acquired.

  • Always nice to hear the guys in charge of our teams believe the fans deserve better. One of these days they might get around to making that happen.

  • eldaveablo

    Grant thinks they run an offensive system. He must not be watching the games.

  • JeBron_Lames

    Oh it’s definitely offensive.

  • Wow

    Between free agents and the drafts I definitely wouldn’t put this on Grant. He’s done OK. Players have to be tuning Brown out.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Talk is cheap unfortunately in Cleveland it seems like this is what these owners/front offices do best!

  • Alec McCartney

    I’m getting really tired of being told what we deserve instead of being delivered what we deserve.

  • CLE23

    CLE23 strongly disagrees with Grant. The fans do not deserve better. I went to the game last night. the place was quiet. the fans that were there were quiet. the only noise they made was when they were booing. shame on them.

  • Wow

    Um were they supposed to enjoy lousy basketball?

  • BenRM

    well said, sir.

  • cmm13

    Players “tuned out” Byron from reports as well… so if they didn’t listen to Byron and they’re not listening to Brown who will they listen to?
    WFNY had an excellent article last week maybe pointing out the errors in Grant’s selections. In fact it lauged in the face of Grant’s statement “the system fits the players” pointing out just how out of place everyone on this team actually is.

  • cmm13

    So offensive in fact that NOBODY can defend it

  • Natedawg86

    You Sir, deserve a raise

  • Wow

    Oh believe me Grant is to blame too. The 2013 draft was a disaster. 2012 at least brought Waiters here. His free agents were busts. I don’t know about coaching, I wish they had found a credible one.