Browns fan politely declines Joe Haden’s offer of Super Bowl tickets

Cleveland Browns Pro-Bowl CB Joe Haden is a fan favorite for sure, and it’s not very hard to figure out why. Since day 1 of his arrival in Cleveland he has embraced and city, the fans, the team, and the culture of the area. He also does things like this:

Haden’s caption on the photo reads:

This is how you know Cleveland browns fans are SERIOUS!!! I called and offered Rhett Super Bowl tickets and a first class flight and he politely declined.#bleedOrangeandBrown

Overall, this is just a pretty cool story. A nice move by Haden to offer the tickets and flight, and you have to appreciate the unwavering loyalty of a fan who has the guts (or maybe stupidity, depending on your point of view) to turn them down to wait for his beloved Browns to be there. He may be waiting for quite some time, but if the Browns should happen to make it in his lifetime, it will certainly be all the more sweet.

EDIT: For those wondering who the fan is, Rhett Wennes is the Browns fan responsible for many of the end zone signs you see, including the infamous TO sign that Eagles WR Terrell Owens once ripped down and the Edwards Butterfingers sign.

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  • arnold_palmer

    Isn’t he only waiting until next year?

  • swig

    And he’ll drink all the free beer tomorrow to get there.

  • whosevelt

    Classic Browns – blowing all their cap space on the fans, so they have no room for decent management. (Just got a bit of dust in my eye).

  • mgbode

    that is great. and, I love that I now have a name to the face&signs. that guys has been shown a bunch on TV for obvious reasons, but I somehow never got his name until now (or forgot it). major respect to him for keeping faith in the team and a true desire to only see the Browns in the superbowl.

  • Natedawg86

    We better win the darn thing if we ever make it there!

  • Craig Miller

    Classy guys, both of them. I just hope Joe Bummer doesn’t cut Hayden a “year too early”.

  • FearTheRoo

    If the Browns ever did make it, I would be extremely afraid something bad would happen to the team. Injuries, traveling, sickness, etc. Good things aren’t allowed to happen to Cleveland teams.