Peter King: Pass interference call “handed New England a win”

Tom Brady throws deep down the right sideline for Josh Boyce, into the end zone, with rookie cornerback Leon McFadden in coverage. There is light contact. Incidental contact. The ball falls incomplete. McFadden is flagged for defensive pass interference. The 29-yard penalty puts the ball at the Cleveland 1, and Brady throws the winning touchdown pass to Danny Amendola on the next play. That’s not interference in second-grade flag football, and here it could well have handed New England a win. Where did the flag come from? Why? How is that call made? TV color man Steve Tasker agreed. He called the call “horrible” twice and “terrible” once. Couldn’t have said it better.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King in his most recent edition of his Monday Morning Quarterback. King set aside a section of his weekly column to discuss four calls which “materially affected” the outcomes of games. King tweeted on Sunday night that the Browns were “robbed” by the officiating. Odds are that he would have dedicated more space to the other questionable calls in this game if not for the other egregious missed calls that occurred this past Sunday. Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski refused to comment on the call on Monday, preferring to not focus on “things [he] can’t control.”

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Steve Tasker also called Jordan Cameron Jordan Campbell at least 5x in that game. But way to go King I’m sure Cleveland fans will love you now again after your comments about Bernie Kosar’s broadcasting a preseason game against the Rams!!!

  • BigDigg

    Here’s the glass half-full way to look at this: NFL Officials gift Browns higher draft spot

  • Natedawg86

    until they beat the bears this week

  • woofersus

    Don’t be so pessimistic. Every loss counts.

  • woofersus

    Cameron’s wasn’t the only name he messed up either, but he expressed dismay about the officiating enough times that I forgave him.

  • Big Z

    Also handing them the win – the Browns defense, special teams (botched onside kick recovery), and coaching staff (questionable 2 pt. conversion call and wasted timeouts). The refereeing was the worst the league has seen all year, but the Browns have to shoulder the majority of the blame here.