How popular is the Browns coaching staff? – Cleveland Browns Survey Results Part 1

Yesterday, I decided to poll Browns fans on a variety of topics. After collecting 421 responses, the voting is closed. Here are the first part of the results.

First things first, the Browns are sitting at four wins and nobody has any idea who is going to play QB just yet. So how’s the opinion registering on the current year?

The Current Year





The first two show us that Browns fans aren’t feeling good about the current season. To me that indicates that even against expectations, the Browns are underperforming in most fans’ minds due to the second two questions. 48% of fans want to win more games right this second compared to 41% of fans that don’t need or want to win right now. That’s not a huge majority or anything, but it does indicate a slight preference for winning now, especially when compared to the 82% of respondents who don’t like the way this season is going. 74% of fans think that the team “won’t” or “can’t” win during the remainder of the season.

The Coaching Staff

While Browns fans are upset with the year the Browns are turning out, it’s at least interesting that they seem to like the coaching staff still. This has got to be a major departure from either of the last two coaching staffs, I would think.1






Ray Horton is more popular than Norv Turner, but it appears the head coach is more popular than either of his assistants. It’s kind of refreshing that the front office hired a full coaching staff of qualified candidates. It’s definitely bought some leeway for a rookie head coach, Rob Chudzinski, who was deserving in his own right. Could you imagine what Browns fans might think of him if he’d been put in like Shurmur with no offensive coordinator? Even with all the QB injuries and good excuses, you’d have to think he’d suffer in these polls if left on an island.

We’ll have more results later as we get into the front office, the stadium, the Browns’ own free agents and more.

  1. If I had to guess I would say that Mangini was more popular than Pat Shurmur, but neither was as popular as this crew. []

  • Shurmur was a very poor HC for the browns.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The understatement of the decade. Ironic however that Weeden performed better under him then the new guys. Tells you all you need to know about both Shurmur and Weeden.

  • CTownPride

    “48% of fans want to win more games right this second compared to 41% of fans that don’t need or want to win right now. That’s not a huge majority or anything, but it does indicate a slight preference for winning now…”

    It’s not a majority at all. Stated another – and what I believe is a more accurate – way, 48% of fans find value in the team winning now; meaning 52% of fans do NOT feel this way. They may be apathetic towards winning. They may even prefer the team lose. Either way, they didn’t indicate a desire for the team to win. Contrast that with the 80+% of fans who are not happy about the current season/win total, and I think we learn something about the fans mindset. Despite the vast majority being upset about the season/win total, less than half of those surveyed find value in the Browns winning games down the stretch. The majority, as slight as it might be, has turned their attention to the draft.

  • Eric G

    Did you use a standard deviation at all? I’m guessing “no” since you’ve got the one d*bag who said this season “couldn’t possibly be better”, and since you’ve got exactly 2 people who “hate” both assistants.

    Interesting results nonetheless. I mostly expected the majority to land where they did, but the “does winning matter” results show how different we all are even when we all seem to fall into a bell curve everywhere else.

  • mgbode

    I like the effort, but the main problem with this poll was the wording of the questions. There are many different ways to interpret the wording of some of the items.

    For instance: “How do you feel about the Browns chances of winning the rest of the year?”

    Does that mean they win-out? Win a game? Make the playoffs? Beat Pitt to be the first Browns team to ever beat the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers in the same season?

    I know it’s nit-picking and getting away from the purpose of the poll, but it does affect the results and I had to mention. Thanks.

  • Steve_Not_Chad


  • CB Everett

    I agree. I hate to pick nits, but “Does it matter to you if the Browns win the rest of the year?” is vague, ambiguous, and calls for speculation. Of course it matters! It matters to me that they lose out, or win out, or beat a rival, etc.

    But I appreciate the effort too and seriously, most poll questions can be worded in a leading manner to garner the desired results. Ex: “How do you feel about the Browns losing out the rest of the year if they were to draft #1 overall?”

  • I agree my wording could have been better, but I was trying to say it wasn’t a majority by saying it wasn’t a huge majority. Didn’t mean to mislead.

    I was focused on the “slight preference” part mostly, but I see your interpretation makes some sense too.

  • TSR3000

    Thought more people would hate Norv.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I don’t think there are outliers in these types of polls 🙂

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Weeden’s been about the same from last year to this year. Same Yards/attempt. Slightly lower completion percentage, slightly higher TD%, same INT%, slightly lower QB rating. The one big difference I see is that he has taken almost the same number of sacks this year in 8 games that he took in 15 games last year. The lesson for me is that he’s been the same level of bad under 2 different coaches, hence his problem is most likely that he’s just not a good QB.

  • ch

    Packers are 0-4-1 without Rogers. Do you think Mike Mcarthy would be fired after this season??? Doubtful.

    This team needs a QB even if Nick Saban was coaching us.

  • Bob

    Also, water is wet and it gets dark at night.

  • Steve_Not_Chad


  • alexb

    I may not have been thrilled with the hire in the offseason mainly because I didn’t know these guys, except for Norv, but it’s now done and these guys deserve a couple years to build their own team. If the Browns fire this staff after 3 years i’m going to be furious, if they fire yet another staff after only 2 years….I’m dead serious my tenure as a Browns fan will most likely be over barring some sort of extenuating circumstances like Chud pulling some Tomlin bullshit that costs us major draft picks. Even if the Browns go 1-15 next year in no way shape or form can we call for their departure. They gave this year a shot with the previous regimes players, it may turn out in the offseason that they may have to do a bigger rebuild than thought and with 7 picks in the first 4 or 5 rounds that’s a good time as any to do it. So next year could very well be as painful as this year especially if we have no choice but to trot out another day one rook who’s gonna be thrown in the fire. Alot of people will say that they don’t have that much rebuilding to do but even on defense, which was one of our bright spots, there may be more to do than previously thought.

  • ohio state fan

    I do realize the current coaching staff walked in to an incredible bad situation – frankly the cupboard is pretty bare when it comes to NFL caliber talent on the Browns, does not mean they don’t have 2-3 gems but we have more holes that need filling then we have talent available.
    Wide receivers corps are simply the worse collectively in the NFL,
    The offensive line is pathetic and a major contributor to the lack of any kind of running game.
    Special teams are so special they are brought to the stadium in one of the short yellow school buses
    The once vaunted Defense – once considered the team strength and broadcast far and wide as one of the best in the NFL. The reality has proven the Browns defense to be paper tigers – more bark than bite.
    The perennial problems at QB remain. We had a brief ray of hope with Hoyer – soon snuffed out by injury – nothing on the horizon for this season and considering the serious nature of Hoyer’s injury it might be too much to expect for him to be back next year if ever.
    However the coaching staff does not get a free ride – they understood what they were walking into and frankly this Browns team has demonstrated no improvement over previous years and in many ways have even regressed. Good coaches use the talent available and figure out a way to win – this coaching staff hung up the season from the first and is simply in wait mode believing apparently that some miracle will happen during the off season. We have seen all of the same coaching mistakes perpetuated by the current group that we ridiculed in with past staff’s. These folks may be more likeable but you knows it is not a popularity contest and it is all about winning. This staff has not shown they are capable of taking the Browns forward to become a consistently competitive NFL team.

  • ohio state fan

    Well lets give credit where credit is due – the offensive line is absolutely a joke – they can’t protect the QB and they can’t open lines for the running game. Tough to be accurate when your busy running for your life and tough to gain a yard running when you have to make your own holes. Does anyone even want to bring up the fact that 3/4 of the wide receivers can’t catch a pass even if it hits them in the hands. Weeden is no prize and I certainly am no fan of his but considering his supporting staff he has done remarkably well. The truth of the matter is the Browns team is simply miserable across the board with 2-3 gems that would be outstanding players on any team in the NFL. Unfortunately those gems will probably demand trades in the off-season since the Browns are years away from fielding a consistently competitive winning team

  • ohio state fan

    Hope has always sprung eternal for Browns fans – truly a commendable quality of the fan base of the Browns. After 14 years of one miserable draft after the other the one salient point that is glaringly obvious – the Browns are a miserable judge of personnel and we have no reasonable expectation that we will not simply screw up this draft as we have with every other draft since 1999. It is almost as if every player the Browns draft goes into hibernation until they jump ship. We do no better with free agency.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    The line is built for pass protection. The sack numbers actually have less to do with the line than the guy throwing the ball. Weeden holds on to the ball longer than just about any other quarterback in the NFL. He’s just not a decisive guy. I backed him as long as humanly possible, but it’s time for us to stop thinking of him as someone who can develop into a good QB. Weeden actually has some good pass-catchers in Gordon, Cameron, Ogbonnaya, and yes even Davone Bess. It’s hard for anyone to catch a five yard pass thrown as hard as Weeden throws it, especially if the placement isn’t good.

  • ohio state fan

    Winning out the remainder of the year is simply immaterial. It might sell a few more tickets and give the false hope that this is a core that can be built on but the reality is that all player contracts are negotiated in the off -season. A couple of wins enhance market value of the individual player even if the season is a wash. Any wins at this point in what has become one more meaningless season is simply players trying to increase their marketability not out any kind of respect for the fans or the franchise but all about the paycheck or the trade.

  • OhioGuy

    Chud is a dud. The Browns players are a bunch of underperforming amateurs. Weeden is a bumbling idiot. The Browns’ owner has his tax breaks and cash, and pretty much that all he cares about.

  • ohio state fan

    You can not possibly be referring to the Cleveland Browns offensive line as built for pass protection. It has not mattered who the QB has been – they excel in getting their QB sacked – the single word best describing that joke of an offensive line is porous.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yep that’s the one. Pro Football Focus ranked them as 15th best. Not great but you’d have to think its the run blocking that pulled them out of the top ten. Joe Thomas still grades out as their best pass blocker in spite of not being as dominant this year. There’s more to line play then just sacks. The Browns offensive line has done pretty well in pass protection. Your eyes should be telling you that as well. Every line is going to give up pressure. Your standards seem to be too high.

  • OhiosVoices

    This is a good staff. I hope they stay together a few years before Ray takes a Head Coaching job, somewhere.

  • OhioGuy

    Another defensive collapse with today’s loss. But it goes beyond this sad state of affairs. We have come to accept mediocrity as being OK. The coaching staff is good enough to be hired, but they are not good enough to play. The same goes double for the players. Most don’t belong in professional football, and they should forfeit pay for poor performance.