Counting Down the Worst Cleveland Browns Christmas Gifts – #2

When you live in a world with and professional sports, you just know that you’re going to end up with some really bad team branded products. Those products get searched out this time of year as potential presents for giant sports fans, no matter how ludicrous. In fact sometimes the more inane they are, the more likely they’re chosen as gifts. With that in mind, I decided to identify these gifts and open them up for commentary by WFNY writers and alumni.

Without further ado, I bring you the next in this series… “Cleveland Browns Oakley Sunglasses Knockoffs.”

Cleveland Browns Sunglasses

Like a lot of Browns seasons, these seem like a really good idea in August. The Cleveland Browns are setting records for the most numbers of visitors to training camp… it’s really hot and sunny outside… you think the team isn’t going to crush your soul because WOW do they look fast wearing shorts and sprinting around in perfect conditions.

Then as the brisk air of fall sets in, the sunglasses now are shielding your face from the wind and / or hiding your eyes from the world so they can’t see you cry away another season where the highlights were all funneled down your gullet in the Muni Lot prior to kickoff.

So, yeah, the big Browns fan on your Christmas list likes the Browns and identifies with the team, but no… These sunglasses are not a good gift because the future is never bright. At least it’s never this bright.


One more to go!

  • Kildawg

    There is a good merit from the sunglasses though: protecting from the glare of snow or the all-white uniform look. Too much white either way, except in Pittsburgh where their snow is urine yellow to match their pants.

  • Much like the expansion franchise that turned out to be a cheap, flimsy knockoff of a real NFL team, I imagine these would only disappoint.