Browns will fire Rob Chudzinski according to Chris Mortensen

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted tonight that the Browns will indeed fire head coach Rob Chudzinski after his first season-

The Browns finished the season 4-12 after their seventh straight loss Sunday. The rumors began swirling pregame. The Browns finished 5-11 last season.

Nothing official has come from the team.

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  • JHop

    Not only will Chud be fired, but the rumors say that Lombardi’s target for the next head coach is Josh McDaniels. I can’t even begin to come up with a reason why he would be better than Chud.

    If the team’s looking for an offensive-minded coach, the choice has to be Greg Olson, the current Raiders OC. Over the past 5 years, he’s made Josh Freeman play like a potential all-star in TB, Chad Henne look like a serviceable starter in JAX, and pretty much singlehandedly made the combo of Matt McGloin/Terrelle Pryor play better than a pair of water boys for Oakland this year. Wouldn’t the team want a QB guru such as this to coach whatever first round QB is under center next fall?

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    McDaniels is such a sleazeball.

  • Jeff

    I’d seriously be looking at David Shaw. Coached under Gruden and Billick with the Raiders and Ravens. Coached under Jim Harbaugh at USD and Stanford. Played for Bill Walsh as a player. The major problems are that he’s from Cali and played for Stanford, so he may not want to leave. Yet if there’s a college coach to be had, he may be the one.
    I don’t get McDaniels. He wasn’t terrible in Denver considering all the issues the Broncos had at the time and he really get canned for pulling a Belichick and videotaping another team’s practice. Maybe Lombardi thinks he’s another Belichick who learned from his mistakes and will be great in the future. He’d probably like Hoyer and have some familiarity with him.

  • JHop

    The one positive to take out of this is that it signals Haslem’s not going to be patient to win a championship. Definitely a change of pace from some of the previous ownership we’ve had. However, this can certainly take a turn for the worst, just look at what the overly impatient and incompetent ownership has done to Dallas.

    If Haslem wants to make a statement and completely change the football culture in Cleveland, he’ll fly down to Tuscaloosa with a 5 year, $50 million contract in hand. Make Saban an offer that Bama can’t match, and that he’ll be able to brag about.

  • historycat

    So much for “plan for long term success” you can’t fire someone after 1 year, whom you hired, and expect anyone to want to come here.

  • Dcdawg

    These comments are appalling …Shaw would not step near this team, nor would O’Brien…Haslam and Banner are complete jokes

  • simond


    Bring in McDaniels

    he brings Tebow with him

    there ya go, 2 birds with 1 stone

    and we’re in the playoffs

  • Lunch

    Except that Saban will have less than a season to turn around the Browns. I hope he has clean underwear.

  • McNednarb

    Being a Browns fan is truly embarrassing.

  • 330ClevFan614

    Cowher or bust

  • When did we decide that Nick Saban was some cure-all, in Cleveland or any other pro city? I seem to recall his authoritarian style wearing thin with highly-paid grown men rather quickly. Let him stay in the college ranks, where coaches can get away with controlling players’ every thought and deed.

  • So…bust it is then.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    When I heard McDaniels name I laughed but hey Francona helped the Indians so maybe another ex-Mass guy returning to Cleveland can help the pathetic Cleveland Browns. Then again I doubt it. McDaniels was horrible in his first try at head coaching in Denver.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Poor Bill I think he;d rather do more Time Warner commercials.

  • saggy

    Francona won a World Series.

  • humboldt

    This is missing a Ryan Mallet and/or Jake Locker reference