Browns given permission to interview Josh McDaniels

Fans can now add Josh McDaniels to the list of men allegeldy brave enough to take the job of head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Per Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Browns asked, and have been granted permission to interview the baseball hat-wearing current offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.

After being named the head coach of the Denver Broncos as the replacement to Mike Shanahan, McDaniels, as you may recall, was the man who managed to instantly cultivate distrust within quarterback Jay Cutler. He eventually traded the Vanderbilt product to Chicago, and ultimately selected (alleged) left-handed quarterback Tim Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. It would also be McDaniels who would also bench and trade wide receiver Brandon Marshall. While with Denver, a 3-9 season (after the team finished 2011 with four straight losses) would lead to his dismissal in early December of 2010.

The Browns’ interest in the Patriots’ play-caller should not come as much of a surprise as general manager Michael Lombardi has long been a fan of New England’s Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization.

A big reason McDaniels returned to New England, having been their offensive coordinator prior to his stint in Denver, was, per Breer, due to the stability within the franchise.

The Patriots, winners of their Week 17 contest, have a bye this weekend. How does this impact the Browns as they look to fill their vacancy? Well, any team wishing to interview the 37-year-old has to do so by the end of Sunday’s wild-card games—the interview window closes soon as the calendar turns to Jan. 6, only opening again if the Patriots make the Super Bowl or once the Pats are eliminated from the postseason. McDaniels cannot accept a head coaching job until that time.

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  • thetruthfan

    I think I’ll just refrain from watching any more games until they have a coach who has been in the driver’s seat for (3) years. I’m with Joe.

    Of course that’s what I say now. Come August we’ll see how committed I am.

  • mgbode

    What if he has the tristan issue?

  • mgbode

    I’ll go on the record as not wanting Josh McDuck

  • Dhalsim

    I straight up suck…

  • Big Z

    Bring in Inspector Clouseau to be the head coach for all I care. The Browns won’t win anything until they find a legit QB. Period.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Like I said previously jim I doubt we ever see a head coach in this town with a tangible resume. It’ll always be guys with their first head coaching jobs. It’s happened over and over since 1999 while losing season after losing season is racked up yet nobody seems to be able to connect the dots.

    Oh and I give you props for trying to educate Browns “fans” around here but it should be clear they just don’t get it.

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • yeah.. like the malzahn talk is all fine but let’s say he beats FSU. you think he’s going to take a job where the last guy was fired because he didn’t want to cut greg little?

    malzahn is my top choice and i do think he’s mercenary enough to leave auburn for more money. but if he decides to go NFL, he’ll be able to get money AND control with another team. i cant imagine a helfrich or kingsbury coming for the same reasons. seems probable we’ll be poking around the mornhinweg recycle bin but maybe they’ll surprise.

  • saggy

    the irony being that the actual “Tree” himself failed here, too.

  • Root4Cleveland

    Here’s the thing: there aren’t any top-flight head coaches that are going to leave the positions they’re in to come to Cleveland. You won’t get a “proven winner” and I don’t care if its Belichick or Payton or any other coach. Owners keep their winning coaches. So you have three options: 1) retread failures like Caldwell, McDaniels, Del Rio, Schwartz, etc.; 2) Coordinators/Assistant Coaches who have yet to be head coaches – a strategy fraught with risk akin to rookie quarterbacks, and 3) college coaches.

    To me, hiring McDaniels is one step worse than hiring back Chudzinski, Crennel or Mangini: at least the latter three have familiarity with the players, even if that accompanies their failed systems. McDaniels has his own “also-ran” system and no familiarity.

    The only viable options I can/will get excited about is a college coach (e.g. DeAntoni; Bill O’Brian would’ve qualified, too) or an OC/DC who hasn’t had their shot yet.

    Ex-coaches are that for a reason: they’ve already been tried and found wanting: why oh why would it be any different/easier in Cleveland with an already impatient/antsy fan base, and now a front office that is obviously not afraid to fire you after one bad year?

  • @TheDeePagel


  • John

    Don’t forget, he also bombed in St Louis before he went back to the Patriots.If he ends up being the Browns coach I am a Bengals fan…

  • john

    But mcdaniels probably would have traded von miller and elvis for Dmitri Patterson and Ben Jacobs

  • john

    Why??? You have Norv Turner already on the pay roll at least he has a proven track record of being mediocre.