Animated: Browns Baker scores first TD, says get on my back

Edwin Baker might or might not be a keeper, but one thing’s for sure in the middle of his first NFL game. The former Michigan State Spartan might be the best running back on the Browns’ current roster. While that’s not saying much, he does now have his first touchdown and he thinks the Browns should get on his back, apparently.

First the Touchdown.

Edwin Baker Scores

Then the boastful suggestion to the Browns’ offensive playcallers.

Edwin Baker Says Get on My Back


The score brought the Browns even with the Bears at 17 apiece. We’ll see how much the Browns ride their acquired running back and to what effect for the rest of the game.

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  • zwrose

    I’m of the opinion he was just introducing himself to Browns fans.

  • Ohiot2

    I’m gonna have to disagree with your assessment there. He was pointing to his name. Not saying get on my back.

  • ch

    Yeah, was literally trying to show his name off.

    While some people play for the logo on the front, I totally get where he’s coming from. If he’s the better runner at least give him his shot. I still think Oby has way better vision but they don’t seem to want to run him in the power game.

  • guess that beast most of the other “weapons” totally asleep yesterday. Gordon was a ghost with no energy in his routes and effort


    Well, considering he was open most of the day and never got the ball thrown to him…