Windhorst: Cavaliers had locker room confrontation this week

It’s pretty clear something’s wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com seems to have a little insight into what might be ailing them right now chemistry-wise.

“The Cavaliers held a players-only meeting following Wednesday’s 29-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, multiple sources told ESPN.com. But the meeting got contentious, and players confronted each other, according to sources.”

Our own Scott Sargent heard an odd statement from a Cavs employee prior to shootaround regarding shooting guard Dion Waiters.

Echoing that, Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio hinted this morning in his column this morning that the Cavs were “calling it an illness” in regards to the reason that Waiters did not play last night.

“An aside to all this is what’s going on with Cavs shooting guard Dion Waiters. 

He was listed as questionable (and ultimately sat out) with what’s being called an illness. But word is it goes deeper than that — and sources said even if Waiters had been healthy and played, he has lost his starting spot to C.J. Miles.”

Waiters is averaging 13.3 points per game this season in 9 games, but he is shooting just 39% from the field and 58% from the free throw line. Mike Brown has been very openly critical of Dion’s defensive play at times as well. Waiters has begun to lose playing time to surprise contributor C.J. Miles along with Jarrett Jack in the fourth quarter of games.

One can see how issues on the court can carry over into the locker room and vice versa. The Cavaliers, with no shortage of storylines, head into the nation’s captial this evening to take on the Wizards.

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  • Lyon25

    What a mess

  • whatever

    Who would have thought…Out of all 3 mediocre teams in Cleveland the Cavs would be the worst. Maybe after the Browns get destroyed by Cincy the Cavs can move to 2nd.

  • Lunch

    Sounds like Dion Waiters might get traded soon…..

  • Anthony V.

    Harrison Barnes, Oladipo …. meh

  • Lunch

    Actually, it’s good that they are bringing this out into the open now instead of later on during the season. I think we’re starting to see who doesn’t fit well within Mike Brown’s system.

    Let’s see what happens…

  • Jason Hurley

    My real concern is that (like I feared, but hoped wouldn’t be the case) Mike Brown is focusing too much on defense, and it’s killing players with good offensive skills (and so, we can hold a team to 80 points and still lose). There’s a balance here, and they need to find it fast…

  • wildrover4

    That would be such a serious mistake.

  • @TheDeePagel

    Completely off topic perhaps, and maybe a very weird comment, but after all this “locker room” talk recently in sports with Miami, and Barnes, and now the Cavs, I can’t help but feel like WFNY and the followers who comment regularly is like our own locker room. At different times there’s humor, anger, advice, frustration, etc….

    In a way we are a team, and it will be quite a locker room celebration when we finally win the big one together.

    Commence to make fun of me for being “that guy” now….I’m an easy target.

  • ch

    Dion Waiters is just using the force. To the light (James Harden) or to the Dark (OJ Mayo).
    I’m scared.

  • Natedawg86

    Be careful dee we may trade you

  • @TheDeePagel


  • Big Z

    Still trying to figure out why they re-hired Mike Brown – that decision was up there with bringing Pat Shurmur in…

  • Big Z

    …but mostly frustration…

  • Harv 21

    Rarely quote myself, but what I commented 3 months ago when Dion was announcing he was ready to be the league’s best shooting guard:

    “The only thing that might make him still be another year from a real
    break out is adjusting to Mike Brown’s constant harping about defense.
    We’ll have see how quickly Dion and his Philly attitude can adjust to a
    real sheriff with a different program.”

    Dion has a bad high school and college history with basketball authority figures. He’s emotionally immature. Mike Brown has a new 4-year contract and an agenda, and zero reason to tolerate Dion’s crappy attitude. This is not a dire situation, more like inevitable. But this might be a while.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Scott, can you call said employee back and ask for an explanation? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Lunch
  • Kildawg

    Trade theory could be in the works after all since the Cavs can get a decent starting NBA SF/SG by dangling Waiters (and possibly Zeller as well, versatile bigs still have value). Cavs can take salary back since they are well under that soft cap.

  • Steve

    Astute. I was on the same wavelength.

    Yeah, some of the losses have been uglier than we’d like, and apparently there’s more discord than we’d like as well, but I’m not sure why anyone expected rosy fields from this team this year. They are coming off back to back sub 25 win seasons, and seriously needed a swift kick in the rear as to what actually is contender-level defense, growing pains and frustrations should have been expected, especially early on.

  • wildrover4

    I’d like to see the quotes where Brown has been “openly critical” of Dion’s defense this year. I haven’t seen them. Frankly, Dion has been our best back court defender this year. Bradely Beal had 28 with him out of the game. We lost to the Bobcats, at home, without him. His FG%, at least until last night, was higher than both Jack’s and Kyrie’s. He was averaging more ppg then Oladipo and Barnes last time I checked.

    But whatever, people come in with their preconceived ideas and match reality to fit them.