While We’re Waiting… the go for two argument blazes

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to

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Conversation from Sunday’s Denver/San Diego game and why they were dead wrong. “NANTZ: Seriously. I mean, who in the world would go for two with 10 minutes and 42 seconds to go in the game? SIMMS: To me, here’s why you don’t evn think of going for two. You want to continue the game, in other words you want to at least have the Denver offense and team think about, “Hey, they’re only one score down, we have to keep pressuring [sic] the issue.” So if you went for two and did not get it, that takes a lot of pressure off of the Denver football team. So I would say, continue the game, and make the other team make plays.

NANTZ: Let me just add, that’s not exactly a New York Times best seller, that book. Because 32 out of 32 NFL coaches would be kicking the PAT right here, and that’s what we’re gonna have.” []


Same argument for Santana? “The argument has always been that Joe Mauer is more valuable as a catcher than as a first baseman. Through 2013, Mauer and the Twins always agreed. They were, presumably, always right. But the future isn’t the past, and now Mauer’s older, with a concussion on his record and a decline phase to think about. A position change should keep him on the field, and in theory it should help him sustain his level of performance, given that he’ll have to worry about less. By position-adjustment alone, moving reduces Mauer’s value rather considerably. This is offset, in part, by differences in projected games played. This is offset, in part, by differences in projected wOBA. And this is offset, in part, by Mauer just not wanting to risk another brain injury. Maybe you could say they’re all being a little too cautious in moving Mauer now, after one accident. But you only get one brain, and Mauer’s pretty fond of the one that he’s got. A win here and there is hardly what’s really important.” [Sullivan/FanGraphs]


Very interesting post for the Uni-Nerds among us. It appears the Indians are perhaps a superstitious bunch when it comes to uniforms. [Flip Flop Fly Ball]


“We get that Meyer has to be his team’s biggest champion and we applaud him for sticking to his guns on that. But how can he ignore the fact that Florida State has played a tougher schedule than the Buckeyes this year? Or that the Seminoles have destroyed the two ranked opponents it has played this year? Or even the fact that Florida State has won it games by an average of 40 points unlike Ohio State, which just recently just started blowing out opponents it’s supposed to own (check out those Buffalo and Cal games)?

If Meyer is gonna throw logic out the window, he might as well vote the Buckeyes No. 1. I mean, why hold yourself back? Had Ohio State not been on sanctions last year, it might have played and beaten Alabama (or Notre Dame) in the national championship.” [Watson/Dr. Saturday]

  • Nantz is showing an increasing tendency to forget his place which is play-by-play announcer.
    Going to Super Bowls and Final Fours and Augusta doesn’t make you Parcells or Krzyzewski or Mickelson.

  • And also, how is Meyer voting for OSU at #2 controversial? Rag on the Big Ten if you want but FSU plays in the ACC. Had their hands full with Miami for three quarters; same Miami that squeaked past Wake and had their ass handed to them by Virginia ‘lost-to-BC-Duke-needed-3OTs-for-Marshall’ Tech. You want to say Clemson is a strong team that only lost to FSU? I’ll call you with Wisconsin whose only _real_ loss was to OSU.

    Me, I call FSU #2, no prob. But you can make the case for OSU at #2 and shouldn’t be a big deal.

    (Cripes, the playoff system can’t get here soon enough.)

  • Garry_Owen

    Furthermore, the article even notes that Meyer has had OSU as #2 all year. Why would he drop his own team after winning every game? Nonsense.

  • mgbode

    I think Nantz is forgetting alot these days. Haha, cuz he’s old! Ha!

  • mgbode

    I have a feeling the media will pretend something else is controversial then too.