Rob Chudzinski on the secondary: “it allows us to do more things as guys improve.”

Cleveland head coach Rob Chudzinski was asked at his weekly press conference on Wednesday if the improved play of Buster Skrine has allowed defensive coordinator Ray Horton more freedom in his playcalling.

“We have, we’ve evolved defensively. As the season has gone on and as guys have gotten more comfortable in understanding what to do, I think that Buster’s development, and I look at the whole secondary, look at (DB) Tashaun Gipson, there’s a number of guys, as I’ve mentioned, we could go through position by position and look at a lot of guys that I feel have made improvements. I think that (defensive backs coach) Louie (Cioffi) and (assistant defensive back coach) Bobby (Babich) have done a great job with the secondary and with Buster (Skrine) in particular and it allows us to do more things as guys improve.”

Buster Skrine is tied for third in the league in passes defensed, and has been thrown at more than any other defensive back in the league. Chudzinski was asked what is most impressive about Buster’s development.

“I think it’s his confidence in his own abilities. You look at a guy who has a lot of ability. He can move, he can run, he can do all of the things that you want from a corner in this league. But trusting himself, trusting his technique and playing that way, I think, are the biggest improvements and those come with playing more and more.”

The Browns take on the Bengals this Sunday with a chance to sweep the season series for the first time since 2002. With a win over the Bengals the Browns would improve to 5-5, and give them a tie breaker over Cincinnati who currently lead the division by a game and a half.

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