NFL Week 10: Winners and Losers

With the Browns on bye week, we thought everyone might like to chime in on the games they watched instead of the Browns this Sunday. So who did you see? Who was the big winner? Who blew it?


WINNER: Jacksonville Jaguars. Literally. For the first time this season. Congratulations Jacksonville. Sure it took a holding in the end zone for a safety and a fumble return for a touchdown to beat Tennessee by two points, but who’s counting? In the end that 1-7 record looks better than the goose egg for eight.

LOSER: Tampa Bay. I know it’s harsh to put the Bucs in the loser column before their game tonight, but Jacksonville’s win means Tampa is the only team in the league without a win. No pressure.

WINNER: Peyton Manning. Four more touchdown passes on Sunday for a total of 29 on the season. That’s 14 more than the Browns’ trio of Weeden/Campbell/Hoyer. He also has 800 more yards passing than the Browns. That’s almost 100 more yards per game.

WINNER: Tavon Austin. Wow. The rookie finally had a break-out performance. Two catches… for 138 yards and two touchdowns! Plus, he had a 98 yard punt return for a touchdown. That’s 236 all purpose yards on three touches!

LOSER: Houston Texans. You know how the turnover margin is supposed to be a great indicator of who wins the game? Well, the Texans won the turnover war against Arizona 3-1 and still lost the game. The Texans are now 2-7 on the season, when most publications had them as the winner of the AFC South preseason. Yikes.

Now it’s your turn. What did you see that you liked? Any str


  • MrCleaveland

    LOSER: Bengals. They’ve had some good games I guess, but every time I see them they don’t look very good. During yesterday’s two-minute drill, Dalton and the rest of them were strolling around like they had all day.

    LOSER: Ravens. Blew a 17-point lead and then allowed that Hail Mary. They’re having trouble closing out games.

    LOSER: Cowboys. How sweet it is.

    WINNER: Rams. Wow, where did that come from?

    WINNER: Panthers. Big win after a cross-country trip to face a decent team.

    WINNER: Browns. We moved a half-game closer to first yesterday.

  • Henry Brown

    Winner: Browns, a half game closer to the division lead and all the wild card teams except Baltimore lost.

    Loser: Ravens, your elite QB really sucks and will keep you in cap hell for several years.

  • LOSER: Andy Dalton. His last-minute drive reminded me of Brandon Weeden as he took sack after sack, until his heave ended up being tipped to A.J. Green. I think its safe to say he hasn’t taken his game to the next level.

  • MrCleaveland

    LOSER: Mother Harbaugh. You know how we make fun of paranoid coaches who cover their mouths with their play chart so no one can read their lips? I wish the Harbaugh boys would start doing that. Both of them are really foul-mouthed. Their mom must be embarrassed.

  • Wow

    Loser- NFL fans. I don’t have the NFL channel but Pittsburgh-Buffalo being aired was terrible.

    Loser- Dallas, still being forced down our throats and still just a mediocre team.

  • mgbode

    Loser: QB injuries. Continue to pile up with both Peyton and Cutler to have their ankles looked at this week. Locker might go on IR. Seneca left the game with an injury (Tolzien looked pretty decent) and others. Really, the NFL gets flack for all the pandering to QBs they do in the rules, but this season is showing why they did it.

    Loser: Cinci. Even a stupid volleyball set on a hail mary from baltimore wasn’t enough to get the win. If we can knock them down next week, then they might not be able to get back up.

    Loser: Cowboys. I mean, I don’t like them and I was embarrassed for them (and they lead that NFC Least division).

    Winner: NFC. 3-0 vs. AFC this week and their top teams really looking better than the top teams in the AFC (outside of Denver maybe). And, included in those 3 wins was the Rams dismantling of the Colts.

    and saving the biggest winner for last:

    Winner: Cleveland Browns. Baltimore beating Cinci means that we control our own destiny. Winning out wins the division. We are also 1 game back of the Jets for the wild card slot but play them later. It is mid-November and we are smack dab in the middle of multiple playoff scenarios.

  • MrCleaveland

    You make an excellent point about Sunday programming. After the Friday Plain Dealer showed that Channel 19 was going to show the Pittsburgh game, I wrote separate emails to their sports director and their program director politely asking them to reconsider and switch to the Cinci-Baltimore game, pointing out that their viewers would much prefer the latter. Neither one wrote back. So on Sunday, I decided to do a little yard work instead and tried to find the game on the radio. The only games being broadcast locally were St. Louis-Indianapolis and Philadelphia-Green Bay (I think). What’s the point of that?

    Another LOSER: Tennessee Titans. They wiped out almost all of the remaining Eliminator Challenge contenders.

  • Wow

    Scoreboard watching is more fun when our team is in the hunt!

  • Wow

    Yikes, I didn’t even see that in the sports section. The only good thing was CBS giving us bonus coverage for the Baltimore game.

  • boomhauertjs

    We can thank all of the frontrunner Steeler fans in NEO Ohio for that.

  • Harv 21

    yessir. The expressions. the language … if those were my boys on a family vacation the rear seat of the minivan would look like the store basement scene in “Pulp Fiction.”

  • Harv 21

    Winner: Drew Brees doing his thing. Pure pleasure to watch a master of the hardest craft in sports in his prime. Tommy Heinsohn always called Larry Bird the “master of the half inch.” Brees is the master of the split second. Blink of eye decisions, sensing exactly when the pocket will collapse, knowing exactly when to release. To me, that’s more beautiful than watching huge Cam Newton throw the ball a million yards and run past defenders.

    Loser: Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah, the supporting cast is wanting, but looks like years of beatdowns are now catching up to him.

  • mgbode

    if the Browns don’t make it :), then a Saints v. Broncos Superbowl would be ridiculously amazing for the superb QB play. I’d want Denver to lose (for obvious reasons), but what a matchup that could be from an offensive perspective.

    just as good could be matching up Seattle and Cleveland. The 2 best yard per play defenses in the NFL.

    honestly, looking at the full stats, Carolina is the 2nd best defense in football to Seattle. KC also ahead of us by full stats, but they also have played more backup QBs than anyone in the NFL. Still, fun to think about us leading the NFL in a very important piece of the puzzle

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Er, have to take issue with one of those…

    WINNER: Tampa Bay, who now control their pick destiny. They can tank themselves to #1!

  • JNeids

    Only 3 people left in the WFNY Eliminator bracket now.

  • Wow

    Wow that score would be at least in the 30-40 point range. I might just start rooting for that game or New England v. New Orleans.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    Winner: Tampa Bay…for winning.
    Loser: Rick Grayshock for jinxing in. 😉

  • mgbode

    Winner: Rick Grayshock for helping out the Browns wild card odds.