NFL News: Ravens say Greg Little is “trying to be a tough guy”

So, is Greg Little the next Kevin Garnett? Is he just trying to be a tough guy? Is he faking it? Little didn’t shy away from the chippiness in the Browns’ 24-18 victory on Sunday afternoon, getting into skirmishes and picking up two personal fouls in the process.

It didn’t go unnoticed in the Ravens locker room.

“He’s trying to be a tough guy,” Ihedigbo said. “Some guys who aren’t tough try to prove that they’re tough.”

Meanwhile whether or not Little is trying to be a tough guy, he was tackled into the pile when he earned his first personal foul and was given an extra shove after already being out of town when he earned his taunting penalty. So the jury is out on who, exactly, was attempting to be a “tough guy.”

Little also had 122 yards receiving on the Ravens defense which (Jamison Hensley’s post also notes) mostly skipped out on talking to the media after the game.

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  • dwhit110

    Seemed to me like the Ravens baited Little into both of those penalties. I wasn’t even that mad at him for the first 15 yarder as the pile up had gotten *very* chippy and there were a couple of cheap shots that could be seen on the replay. The taunting penalty was just dumb stuff that again seemed like a response to Ravens chippyness. Can’t take penalties like that second one, but I think the Ravens were (smartly, maybe) instigating.

  • Robert Gehling

    Hensley can go eat his crows.

  • cleveland_endures

    Greg Little says Ravens are being sore losers.

    But seriously, apparently Ihedigbo would prefer Little do real tough guy things, like choking him under a pile. Mark Schwab tweeted a picture of that. Seems like a classy guy.

  • BenRM

    I know those penalties are bad. They are really bad.
    But screw people who hate the swagger. I love it. Taunting should not be a penalty in the NFL. Dion made a legacy based on taunting.

    I loved the Tate play last week for the same reasons.

  • Pomp62

    He plays like that and he can be a tough guy all he wants.

  • thenoclist

    Having trouble deciphering this sentence:

    “Little also had 122 yards receiving on the Ravens defense – which Jamison Hensley’s post also notes – mostly skipped out on talking to the media after the game.”

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Yup. At the game, the first reaction to the first unsportsmanlike was “Little being an idiot”, until they showed the replay. That got the crowd riled up. The second one though was him being stupid.

  • Nick Pavlak

    The Ravens’ defense skipped out on talking to reporters.

  • EdgewaterJoe

    It is so, so, SO good to type the following: STFU, RATBIRDS — SCOREBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Johnson

    Am I the only one who saw Suggs do a Lebron “toss the powder” to the crowd after that first sack?

  • Those horizontal lines are dashes and they indicate a set of words you can skip. After that, ‘Little’ is the subject, ‘skipped out’ is the verb, ‘on talking to media’ is the object. So the writer is telling you that Little skipped talking to media and the writer also tells you that this info comes from Jamison Hensley. But that Hensley info is inside the dashes so perhaps it’s best to ignore that for now so you don’t have more trouble deciphering this coded message to you in English.

    “Little skipped talking to media.”

    Do you understand it now, Bletchley Park?

  • rtpinfla

    If 122 yards is “trying to act like a tough guy” I’ll take it any day of the week. Although you don’t want to see those kind of penalties, I like what he showed yesterday. And especially against the Ravens.
    He’s still learning and if he can keep producing those kind of games nobody will question his toughness.
    Hope his shoulder is OK I want to see more of him.

  • rtpinfla

    Completely agree. I thought that first call should have been a no call or even a call against Baltimore. Fortunately he was able to settle down and let his playing do all the talking for him.
    Sexual intercourse upon the Ravens.


    I believe “which” is in the incorrect place (should be outside the dashes). Happy now?

  • woofersus

    Suggs has gone right up to the Dawg Pound and taunted the fans both before and during games in the past, so it’s no surprise.

  • woofersus

    Ihedigbo instigated most of that. Little needs to keep his wits about him and not hurt his team with penalties, but in both cases I thought there should have been offsetting penalties. I know the guy who retaliates usually gets the flag, but in both cases there were fairly blatant actions post whistle that preceded what Little did to draw the flag, and if you want to call the game fairly you have to call that stuff. Minor mutual pushing and shoving you ignore, sure, because you don’t want the game decided by laundry, but I think these were outside that scope. In the first one, I assume the refs didn’t see Little get punched on the ground, and he sort of forced their hand when he tossed the helmet. Still, the play had been over for several seconds when he got tackled and thrown down. In the second one, he was out of bounds and the play had again been over for several seconds and he got an extra shove after they had disengaged from contact. How is that not a penalty? The taunting was stupid, but again, the preceding action as blatant, and clearly against the letter of the rules. You can’t ignore that and then penalize Little. This is why I hate when the NFL has “points of emphasis” each year. It ends up being a lopsided focus and unfair enforcement.

  • thenoclist

    I would give you a longer reply, Jim, but I’ll let your downvotes speak for themselves. Blog isn’t keeping you too busy these days is it?

  • thenoclist

    Yep, got it. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • Garry_Owen

    Hey, if trying to be a tough guy means that he suddenly catches everything in sight, go for it, young man. Even with the 30 yards in penalties, it’s still a 92 yard day. I’ll take it. (And really, I’m only really upset about the last penalty – so, 107 yard day.)

  • Haas

    I find it funny Ihedigbo is the one that made that comment as he was the one that was choking him at the bottom of the pile and also the one that shoved him out of bounds.


    Too bad that Little outplayed their entire defensive backfield eventhough they were the same old bushleague ravens.


    What’s funny to me is that it’s always the losers who are still talking after the game. You do you talking during the game and Little shut you up. So you talk when others are off to better things.