NFL News: Jason Campbell suffers concussion in Browns’ loss

Rob Chudzinski confirmed in his post game press conference that Jason Campbell suffered a concussion during the third quarter in the teams’ loss to the Steelers.

Campbell went down earlier in the game with a rib injury, but came back on the next possession. After being hit in the head in the third quarter, Campbell was helped from the field and taken by cart to the locker room.

The Steelers were not penalized for the hit on Campbell.

“I talked to the officials about that,” said Chudzinski. “I felt like he was hit on the head on that. They didn’t feel that way.”

The explanation given to Chudzinski on the sidelines was that Campbell was hit on the shoulder. Replay confirms what the coach and team thought, that he was indeed hit in the head.

When asked about bringing in another quarterback, Chudzinski sad that the team would evaluate it, and that it was a possibility.

Brandon Weeden came in for the injured Campbell. He was 13 of 30 for 209 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also lost a fumble on a scramble late in the fourth quarter. His interception was returned for a touchdown.

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  • M. Bison

    ‘Chudzinski sad.’

    Yes coach a lot of Browns fans are sad today.

  • simond

    oh boy!

    i cant wait to see who we’ll sign

    and i wonder if the new QB will start ahead of Weeden

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. That hit on Stafford was definitely roughing the passer.

  • TomWFNY

    How many players have the Browns lost in the past few years to non-called head shots?

  • Big Z

    Only in Cleveland can a QB get hit in the head so hard that he sustains a concussion without drawing a flag – not that it mattered if he stayed in the game, but still…

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Shameful moment for the NFL and that groups of referees in particular… only star QBs get protected! I hope the media is killing the NFL today.