NFL News: Greg Little confirms he was being choked during Ravens game

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You never quite know with still photos, but if you take Greg Little’s word, he was in fact being choked. Mary Kay Cabot has the quote.

“I know the ref was saying ‘let go of his face mask,’ but he was choking me, so I’m not (going to let go),” said Little, who was flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. “There’s a thin line between football and just morals and if you’re a man, you’re not going to let a guy spit in your face, and your not going to let a guy choke you.”

Of course we’ll now see how the NFL’s disciplinary arm deals with this in terms of fines. As it stands now, the only one who has been punished is Greg Little with 30 yards worth of yellow laundry on the field last Sunday. Almost makes you wish the Browns had one more game left against the Ravens this year. This finally has the makings of a rivalry considering the Browns finally stood victorious at the end of one of these games.

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  • Alex Ralston

    I like how he also threw in some love for Phil Taylor in that quote. I was and still am ok with the penalty.

  • Agreed.

  • SteveKnicks

    Little’s best penalty yet

  • JNeids

    Taken from the other 4-letter website, he also had this to say when asked about the picture:

    “You can’t argue with a stop sign, and you can’t portray in a picture something that it’s not.”
    Really, Greg? A traffic-related reference???

  • I see MKC is confused about on the your/you’re thing.

  • DylonW


  • MrCleaveland

    Cabot’s story also says that Little has no regrets and that “He said he’d throw the helmet again in the same situation.”

    Right, because it’s all about you, Greg. To hell with the rest of team, you’re going to deliberately lose 15 yards because you need to show that you’re such a tough guy. Me me me me me.

    You seriously have to wonder what this guy’s IQ is.

  • mgbode

    I understand the first penalty. Ravens pulling their crud and just making a team-wide statement that we are not going to take it this time. Pump up the team and rally around it. I get it.

    But, it happened again and that is just plain dumb.

  • nj0

    I don’t see what making a team-wide statement by giving away 15 yards really says to the Ravens. It’s just a loss of composure. You’re going to be on the field with the guy for the rest of the game. Find some time between the whistles to send that statement.

  • nj0

    I want to diagram that sentence.

  • DontbringLBJback

    The 2nd 15 yarder was a BS call.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Not sure how you can say that… it was a blatant taunt. If your argument is that it shouldn’t be against the rules to taunt so mildly, that would be one thing and your beef would be with the NFL rule book, but it was clearly a taunt.

  • mgbode

    I can see it from both sides. We have been pushed around by that team for so long that I don’t mind the gesture. Basically, if that’s what it takes for the whole team to get on board with taking it to them, then so be it.

    and, football is inherently an emotional game. getting professionals to play emotional is sometimes the big task (seemed like the team took offense to the media after we traded Trent and most claimed season-over, no?).

    Honestly, I don’t know if that was the plan, if it worked, or if it was wise. I can see it just as easily being a mindless act that cost the team yards.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Interesting. From Ihedigbo: “I would never personally cross the lines or play outside the rules. I had my hand on his chest.”

    This makes me even more convinced that Ihedigbo choked Little… because that’s a lie. The picture clearly shows that his hands are up near the throat and not down on the chest. Ihedigbo would have been wiser to say that his hands just incidentally touched Little’s throat and he never actually choked Little with them. To say that they weren’t on the throat they were on the neck is a flat out lie.

  • nj0

    Just saying there’s a distinction between sending a message and losing composure in the heat of the moment.

    Sending a message would be more along the lines of: we know these guys do this dirty play (say a cut block) so in the 1st quarter when they try pull that I’m going to do this (pop them in the mouth or whatever) to send a message. 15-yard penalty be damned.

    That isn’t what happened though. This was just the typical idiocy that happens in the scrum and Little lost his cool. If I’m the Ravens, the message it sent was- this guy is a hot head and if we ride him enough during a game we can get some free 15-yards out of him.

  • rtpinfla

    I like that he showed some fire. Watching the on NFL rewind I believe Ihedigbo was way out of line and really started that fracas by throwing him on the ground. The little pushing before that moment was no big deal for either player. No flag was thrown until after the helmet came off. So I guess it’s OK for the Ravens to throw Little on the ground and choke him but not OK for Little to try to push him off. Little’s second flag was silly but he was able to harness his emotions and let his play do the talking for him. He’ll continue to mature and improve. If he keeps playing like he did Sunday I’m OK with the occasional flag if it means not putting up with a defenders BS. Next years game should be interesting.

  • rtpinfla

    He threw Little on the ground and sure wasn’t getting up- definitely looked like he was trying to do something to Little. That right there crossing the line. Maybe next time Little should crack his skull with the helmet rather than throwing it on the ground.

  • rtpinfla

    Every now and then you got to let the other guy know you are not going to take his crap. I think Little did just that. As long as he doesn’t do it an a regular basis and lets his play do his talking he’ll be just fine.

  • rtpinfla

    I’ve seen a lot of college basketball coaches fly into a “tirade” knowing they will get a technical just to fire up the team. I don’t think that was the case this time but it works when done at the right time.

  • maxfnmloans

    Good on you for sticking up for yourself Greg. Next time, just say “Scoreboard”


    Yeah, because giving a guy a TBI would make everything OK. SMH.

  • Natedawg86

    I always liked the smiling at them technique. I know if I was pissed at someone and I tried to choke them, and then they got up and smiled it would piss me off more

  • rtpinfla

    ha ha ha!! You actually think I literally am advocating that a player actually do that? That would probably kill a guy or at least put him in a wheelchair.
    No that was simply a rhetorical statement meant to illustrate that I would be OK if, in the future, under similar circumstances, Little exhibited a vigorous retaliation(short of use of any weapon just to be clear) to demonstrate his unwillingness to be pushed around. Same with any other player and it goes double when we play the Ravens.
    I will be more careful with my use of rhetoric in the future- maybe add 🙂 at the end of such a sentence if and when it comes up again.
    Mr. Little, if you are reading this I insist you do not take my advice from the last comment. You will get flagged, fined, and maybe arrested for attempted murder.

  • mgbode

    well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened on a football field before (53sec in):


  • rtpinfla

    Yikes! Now that is a skirmish for the ages. I would say that since it’s Miami the guy is lucky he didn’t get shot or stabbed… (ha ha ha joke)

  • eschat

    Glad it did not happen to me, I would have lost my job and been in jail for harming anyone who choked me….Shame on the ref’s and shame on the NFL to allow anyone to choke a player…this is football not cage fighting…..