NFL: Browns Phil Taylor takes hysterical dive trying to draw penalty

Phil Taylor acts like he was in The Last Boy Scout and someone ran down the field with a handgun. Good for the referees they didn’t fall for it. Anderson Varejao gives his approval.

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Phil Taylor Dive GIF



  • David

    I’m fairly certain I’d be on my ass if I took that hit.

  • Natedawg86

    Unfortunately you have to do things like this. Wouldn’t mind a boot review (real time) on personal foul calls (including roughing qb/hits OB) as long as it didn’t take too much time

  • derek

    Are you 6’3, 335?

  • David

    No, but whatever Taylor’s size, that wasn’t just a light shove. 64 was leaning forward and moving at a decent clip, and Taylor was flat-footed and not ready for it. I don’t see any faking there, but maybe I’m biased as a Cleveland fan.

  • stryker1121

    Ha! he bumped like Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. (You can use that)

  • thenoclist

    Hysterical dive? Uh, sure looks like he was pushed to me.

  • Really? He looks like he took a charge.

  • Scott Hatterick

    it looked legit to me when i saw it happen. but of course when you watch a gif of it repeatedly, one can possibly, maybe, question whether or not it was a flop. and on a side note…browns need to go all out this offseason to get this team some offensive weapons.

  • mgrace74

    It was his reaction after calling for the flag which made me realize he flopped. He wasn’t upset about the no call whatsoever…just ho, hum, on with the next play. It wasn’t a terrible flop though, just a minor one, IMO.

  • Harv 21

    That’s beautiful. You know it’s a flop because Big Phil has such great feet for a mastadon but here he goes flat-footed and bounces on the turf without any reaction but that one hand down for a little cushion.