NBA News: Anderson Varejao among latest to violate NBA “flopping” rule

Cleveland Cavaliers center has officially been given a warning by the NBA for being in voilation of the league’s “anti-flopping” rule. The high-energy big man is said to have violated the league’s policy during the team’s double-overtime win over the Philadelphia 76ers this past Saturday night. The moment in question came with just over five minutes remaining in the first quarter in what would have been an attempt at an offensive rebound.

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul was also handed a warning on Tuesday for violating said rule on Monday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Varejao and Paul join a long list of NBA players to have received warnings thus far, including Washington’s John Wall, Minnesota’s Kevin Love and Houston’s James Harden. Harden has already been hit twice, the latter resulting in a $5,000 fine.

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  • Harv 21

    I saw that play. Warning is justified. He certainly gave it the ol’ “Aaaeeeyy, he shot me, sheriff!” spaghetti western fall down.

  • cleveland_endures

    This is definitely justified, but I’m somewhat skeptical of a system that hasn’t fined LeBron James or Shane Battier several million dollars already.

  • Wow

    Come on now, LeBron does no wrong!

  • cleveland_endures

    ESPN? Is that you?