MLB: What’s the likelihood of Asdrubal Cabrera being traded?

One of the biggest disappointments of the Tribe’s mostly pleasant season was the regression of Asdrubal Cabrera. It would seem that in the last year of his contract and considering declining production that the Indians might be stuck with Asdrubal, but maybe not. Keith Law of ESPN believes that Cabrera could still be moved.

I think he’ll get moved, as he’s a free agent after the season, makes $10 million this year and Cleveland has top prospect Francisco Lindor breathing down his neck. The problem for GM Chris Antonetti is that Cabrera isn’t very good any more…

He’s just 27 years old and I’m sure some teams will look at him as a bounceback candidate, but if he can’t guarantee you a minimum value with his glove, I’d be uncomfortable giving him that much money to play short.

This is Major League Baseball and I’m not entirely positive that $10 million is enough to make Asdrubal Cabrera a bad risk for some GM in some baseball market. I’m pretty sure that market isn’t Cleveland. It’s amazing how much difference a year makes. At one time Asdrubal Cabrera was thought to be a potential franchise cornerstone for the Tribe. That version of Asdrubal seemed to disappear along with the sage “SWING HARD” advice that came from short-time double-play battery mate Orlando Cabrera, who played 91 games for the Tribe in 2011.

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  • CB Everett

    I’m out in LA and got to go to that last OSU-Oregon Rose Bowl. Personally, one of the best games I’ve seen…and I’m kind of looking forward to going back to see Round 2 this year.

  • Wow

    Honestly, that would be awesome.

  • mgbode

    a close loss to Oregon would help more than a win against any other PAC12 team, honestly. and, it would be Stanford IMO because the PAC12 south winner will have an extra loss (as they have to play Oregon in that champ game).

    and, I’m not someone who fears anyone. we may not be favored against the 3 teams ahead of us, but I’ll take my chances with Meyer preparing our squad for that game. and remember, the Ducks HC has never had to prepare for a bowl game as the head guy.

  • turnercr

    True I love Meyer and you’re right about Helfrich. Either way I’d love to see Oregon take down Bama and OSU take down whoever they throw at us. But in the end if it does come down to Ducks vs Bucks it will be a good football game and I’ll surely have on my scarlet and gray

  • chiefwahooooo

    Sell high! Especially with Lindor coming up quick.

  • nj0

    So if we’re making a playoff push and ACab is playing lights out, you think we should trade him so as to create a hole on our team? During a playoff push? Rather than keep the guy playing well to help us make the playoffs?

  • mgbode

    like I said, it’ll be Stanford in the Rose Bowl 🙂

    holy cow. so, lining up 8 OL against these new smaller, fast DL will work just like the good old days. that was a mauling (though it looked like Oregon was going to steal it at the end for a moment).

  • turnercr

    I don’t want Stanford in the Rose Bowl to be honest. And yes it does work but only if you have the talent and girth Stanford does (most teams don’t obviously). Great game and game plan by Stanford. Wow they looked good! I don’t think another team in the country could take Oregon behind the woodshed and whip them like that. Hats off to the Cardinal. Now we just need FSU or Bama to lose (and maybe Baylor? Even though I don’t think they should jump us they might. God knows voters can be stupid)

  • mgbode

    Yes, it only works if you have the team built to do it. Just great to watch a team be successful for one game (more impressive that their defense pitched a shutout for most of the game though honestly).

    Really hoping LSU can take down Bama for us this weekend because I don’t trust Auburn to do it nor anyone from the SEC-East.

    Baylor will be interesting. They might jump us in their run-up the next few weeks, but if Mich. State makes the Big10 champ game (and the Bucks win), then that would be the best win on either resume. The BigXII is just really down this year.

  • turnercr

    I hope LSU wins too. But Bama are 2 TD favorites for a reason. I’ll be shocked if LSU wins. I truly think Auburn is the best chance as its at Auburn. But yes the East stinks and even if Mizzou have their QB back it will be his first game back. Not exactly a recipe for success agains that team.
    I do think that if MSU wins out w/ style points and we win handily that we’d be a “toss-up” with an undefeated Baylor. Either way I’m having fun this season. Go Bucks!!

  • mgbode

    it would be a surprise, but you can never be shocked in a game that Miles is involved in.

    definitely a fun season thus far.

  • turnercr

    If miles doesn’t throw up from all the grass he’ll eat he may be able to coach up a win

  • Love a good game of Edward 40hands.