MLB News: Yan Gomes will be Indians every day catcher in 2014

Yan Gomes played in 88 games for the Indians in 2013 and that number looks to go way up in 2014 according to Indians manager Terry Francona. Francona made an appearance on 92.3 the Fan’s afternoon show with Adam the Bull and Dustin Fox to talk about winning the A.L. Manager of the Year award.

Opening day starting catcher Carlos Santana played in 154 games this season for the Tribe and I certainly wouldn’t expect that number to drop with the announcement. Santana will likely play just as much between first base, DH and as backup catcher in 2014. Hopefully this move helps solidify the Indians lineup in all three spots.

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  • mgbode

    smart move by the team. it’s not like we have a bat on the bench to worry about not getting ABs when Carlos is at DH.

  • Kildawg

    I still see Santana in more of that 3rd catcher role, like what the Twins are doing with Mauer (he’ll be their regular 1B starting in 2014). I know there are some that will strongly disagree, but I believe that the Indians will carry a backup catcher in addition to Gomes and Santana. Leading in house candidate is Lou Marson, but it might not be him if he can’t win the job in ST.

  • nj0

    Figure about 120 starts for Yan at C. If he stays healthy.

  • nj0

    I don’t see it. Maybe. Just don’t see why you’d waste the roster spot.

  • maxfnmloans

    I approve this message. Save the wear and tear on Carlos, and Gomes is a pretty solid player in his own right.

  • nj0

    academic really

  • nj0

    I just hope people don’t get down on Yan when he doesn’t slug nearly 500 next season.

  • mgbode

    we don’t need to. Raburn is our emergency catcher. he hasn’t played in MLB there, but has in the minors and spent one spring when he was with the Tigers playing there to increase his versatility.

  • nj0

    And it’s not like Marson’s bat or glove is so great you HAVE to get into the lineup.

  • mgbode

    we could give Giambi a 1/2 inning at catcher with an AB coming up so that he could recreate the ending of Major League. we could even include the next thing he does after that AB is coach (though hopefully we make sure Francona’s heart is okay first).

  • nj0

    Anything that minimizes Giambi’s role while referencing Major League is okay with me.

  • Garry_Owen


  • nj0

    That’s an old chestnut.

  • woofersus

    Santana is 3 years younger and doesn’t have the concussion issues that chased Mauer from behind the plate. (otherwise he would certainly still be able to play catcher just fine at the age of 30) There is no particular reason not to play Santana at catcher on Gomes’ off days. Why would two healthy catchers not be enough?

  • Steve

    I’d say that’s the max. I think the idea of an “everyday” catcher is fading away, especially in the AL where you can use the DH spot. Only 2 AL catchers started 120 games, and Perez in KC wasn’t really going to be moved to 1B or DH.

    100-120 starts for Gomes, 40-60 for Santana sounds like a solid plan.

  • ChadF

    Love it. I’m all for Gomes getting as much PT as possible. I don’t think there is a need to carry a 3rd catcher. Like mgbode said, Raburn is the emergency catcher. If we did need a backup because either is banged up they can just call someone up from Columbus.

    Santana will be fine at catcher when Gomes needs a spell. I’d say more DH and Backup Catcher though than 1B. Santana is a generous 5’11’ and is just not a first baseman. I do like the lineup flexibility with him getting time at 3 different positions, but let’s try to keep Swisher there or sign a 1B in the off-season.