MLB News: Wil Myers wins AL ROY; Indians’ Cody Allen gets third place votes

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America announced today that Tampa Bay’s Wil Myers has won the Jackie Robinson AL Rookie of the Year award. Myers hit .293 with 13 HR and 53 RBI. He was first on 23 of the 30 ballots submitted.

Cleveland’s Cody Allen was tied for sixth with two points. Allen was listed third on a pair of ballots. The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram’s Chris Assenheimer gave Allen one of the two votes, and Steve Kroner of the San Francisco Chronicle was the other writer that voted for Allen.

The Plain Dealer’s Bud Shaw (the other Cleveland area writer) did not have Allen listed.

Allen appeared in 77 games for the Indians, logging 70.1 innings pitched with a 2.43 ERA. He struck out 88 and walked 26. Allen also recorded two saves.

Cody is eligible for arbitration in 2016, and will not become a free agent until 2019 at the earliest.

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  • Ed Carroll

    God, the major Cleveland-area media members contunue to embrassas themselves. Allen had no business being on anyone’s ballots, let alone third.

    Kind of glad Max Scherzer has a decent case for AL Cy Young anyways, cause we all know Hoynes is just gonna look at that win total and then fill out his ballot. ugh.

  • mgbode

    Cody had a 1.4 WAR, not quite as good as archer’s 2.2, but not terribly lower either. Far from an embarrassing pick.

  • nj0

    Chris Assenheimer (who?) from the Elyria-Chronicle Telegram (what?) put
    in a third place vote for Allen. He also was the only voter to not have
    Myers on his ballot.

    Bud Shaw did not vote for Allen. He had Myers third (only voter outside of Assenheimer to not have Myers 1st or 2nd).

    So I agree with you that the Cleveland media vote conflicts with the vast majority of opinion and makes them seem rather uneducated.

  • mgbode

    because they differed in opinion? Myers was fantastic, but for a very short period of time, which is why his bWAR was only 2.0 below both Archer (2.2) and barely above Iglesias(1.9).

    Allan’s bWAR of 1.4 was ahead of Straily(1.2), Shuck (0.9), but behind Martin Perez (1.6).

    here’s the thing though, obviously, we are simplifying matters a bit by just using bWAR, but, if we do use that tool, then none of the guys mentioned (and they are the top7 finishers in ROY balloting) deserve to be the ROY. the 8th place finisher should have won by bWAR:

    David Lough (2.7 bWAR)

    Ken Davidoff deserves some credit for at least including him on his ballot to highlight the achievement.

  • nj0

    Fair enough. I just find it questionable when someone diverges so much from the opinions of everyone else. Not having Myers in your top three seems like contrarian-for-contrarian-sake b.s. to me.

    I guess it’s a question of what you think ROY entails. While I think Allen has good stuff, I’m far less impressed by a reliever having a good year since it seems to be a fairly common occurrence and not an indicator of sustained success.

    Myers looks like and performed liked someone who will see continued success in the bigs. Plus, I’m partial to position players and starters over relievers.

    As for Lough, again it’s a question of what you mean by ROY. Most of his WAR value came from his defense which is far more volatile than offensive production. I don’t see him posting a +1.0 dWAR year in, year out. Again, it’s a question of sustainability. Does ROY = highest WAR or great year & a future of success or what?

  • mgbode

    I don’t believe future value should EVER factor into year-end rewards. You should be rewarded for the year that you just had.

    I can see not having Myers in the top3, just not with Allen. I think he was the 3rd there for the sake of getting his name on this list of 8 and getting him some pub.

    If I was voting, I probably would have gone Archer, Iglesias, and then Lough (obviously doing it more than on WAR). Honestly though, it wasn’t a great year for AL rookies overall and they were close enough that I can see a reason to get extra guys some recognition because noone truly separated.

    If we are going to do it based on future success, Myers should win and Archer 2nd. But, then it’s Rookie of the Future, not Rookie of the Year IMO.

  • nj0

    I agree on future success.

    I just don’t value one good year as reliever or in the field as highly as a comparable year at the plate. Granted one year (and usually less) is a small sample size so there’s a lot of noise there, but I think offensive production and starting pitching has the least.

    However you cut it, ROY is a stupid award in baseball. Most baseball awards are stupid imo.

  • Steve

    Too much of Lough’s WAR comes from defense, which just isn’t accurate enough in half a season.

  • Steve

    If you want to find something worse to do than bang your head against the wall, try to send a reasonable email to Hoynes explaining why the win statistic should be considered outdated. Don’t mention Morris.