MLB News: Grady Sizemore drawing interest

As of today, Grady Sizemore has still only played in the majors for the Cleveland Indians. That might just be about to change.

According to Nick Cafardo, Grady Sizemore has been getting a lot of interest because he should be ready for spring training. Of course, it’s hard to figure exactly what “a lot of interest” looks like for a player who has played in only about 200 games from 2009 to 2011. His last appearance in a game was September 22, 2011.

But with game tape on the books like Sizemore has and with a presumed infinitesimal price tag, it’s not surprising that Sizemore would be drawing interest. The Twins kicked the tires and have reportedly moved on.

Justin Klugh of Philly.com makes the case that Sizemore could be a low-risk, high reward maneuver for the Phillies.

But he would be cheap, is the thing. He would have to be. That’s sort of the baseline of any argument that signing Sizemore wouldn’t be a waste of space. After that, you just sort of watch and wait to see if he can still be a shadow of his former self and if that shadow has any real reason to be on the big club. If he comes out hot, well rested, and ready to go, then his inexpensive deal looks brilliant. If he’s lagging, in pain, or can’t push past the Mendoza Line after a while, then at least it was only a cheap deal. And so far this offseason, the Phillies haven’t made any moves much more exciting than “Grady Sizemore,” so they’re certainly not above it.

Of course, the hometown Cleveland Indians can’t be left out of this conversation. Our own Jon called it “dumpster diving” for Grady Sizemore in reference to Jason Lukehart’s post at LetsGoTribe.

GRADY SIZEMORE (all caps) is never coming back, and I’m not confident he’ll even be a real contributor again, but I would have said the same thing about Scott Kazmir last winter, and here we are a few month later, contemplating whether the Indians should make him a $14.1 million qualifying offer. A small percentage of broken players do come back from oblivion, and it costs almost nothing for a team to see what happens. I don’t know that Sizemore would even want to come back to Cleveland. He’s said nothing but kind things, and I believe he’s sincere, but he may want a fresh start somewhere else.

I wish Sizemore nothing but the best. I always felt more sorry for him than I did for myself as and Indians fan when he wasn’t able to come back from his numerous surgeries. Of course, you can count me in on the Grady Sizemore dumpster dive.

How about you?

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  • Drew Zuhosky

    His best years are behind him.

  • Kevin Huyghe

    Nah, we don’t need him. Our everyday outfield is completely set. Even if he can make a Kazmir-esque comeback, and I honestly hope he does somewhere, he’s never going to start over Brantley, Bourn, Murphy platoon in the outfield. He would be best suited for somewhere that has a hole in the outfield and can maybe have a CF or LF by committee and include him in the rotation to test the waters.

  • Eric G

    Go get ’em Pimp!

    I’ll always love Grady, and I hope he gets another shot. Doesn’t necessarily have to be with the Tribe, but if some of his enthusiasm for the game can rub off on the younger guys, I can’t think that’s bad.

    Good luck #24.

  • We just signed another outfielder. Who’s position would he take? Brantley? I don’t see a need for him.

  • nj0

    Even if Sizemore can come back, I think his time in center is done.

  • Harv 21

    Want to see him come back and try – with someone else.

    Love the guy but I’d involuntarily compare him to what he was for a couple of seasons in his early 20s rather than simply appreciating a balls-out gamer trying to squeeze out just a little more from a body that betrayed him before he has to move on with his life. Go give it a last shot, Grady, so you know for sure you used it all up.

  • cmm13

    From insurance companies?

  • Steve

    But, as was said above about Kazmir, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more useful years left.

  • Drew

    Grady is probably my favorite baseball player of all-time. I wish him the best of luck wherever he lands. It was terrible watching his body let him down time and time again over the last few seasons.

  • Adam Cantalamessa

    Indians are not interested people its the Twins ..Try reading the article first

  • Jake Udell

    it its sad that I was at the last game he ever played as an Indian in Baltimore getting really amazing seats and all pumped for the playoff push and then he goes down, i came down from Philly for the game