Have you seen Brownie the Elf?

Missing Elf

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At halftime of a 17-6 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns brought out a youth football team dressed in Browns uniforms and had them play a quick game. Their opponents? Area mascots.

The Browns used the game to introduce Brownie the Elf to the public. After halftime was finished, Brownie ran back down the tunnel- and really hasn’t been seen since.

FirstEnergy Stadium has hosted three more Browns games since that day, and while Chomps, the drumline and DJ Ryan Wolf have all been on the field doing their thing, there has been no sign of Brownie.

“Brownie is currently making a limited number of public appearances” said a team spokesman, “We are evaluating how fans respond and will then determine whether or not Brownie will regularly attend our games, community appearances and other events based on what is best for our fans.”

Interesting. So the team isn’t sure if Brownie will be a regular part of the gameday experience.

You have to say this about the new regime, they are consistent. Whether you are a first round draft pick from last season or a new mascot, no job is safe.

It seems a bit strange though. Why have a mascot made if you aren’t sure it will make the cut?

According to our team spokesman, it was part of the plan from the beginning. They wanted to see if the Brownie worked as a mascot and take the temperature of the fans. Feedback is important to the team, especially given the history and tradition that Brownie the Elf represents.

Then again, maybe taking your time and doing a little research eliminates this kind of mistake.


  • Rudy

    Is this an Amber Alert situation?

  • 240

    I went to the Lions/Browns game. My wife was devastated she didn’t see Brownie walking around.

  • Steve

    Figure it out guys, Brownie was at the HOF last weekend and at the Stadium Renovation announcement on Wednesday…

  • Natedawg86

    Does Roethlisberger get paid more to wear that Steelers mascot costume at half time?

  • Brett

    I love the the Brownie Elf as a picture on T shirts, and whatnot, and I would even like if it were to replace the Helmet at midfield, but the actual mascot looks awful.


    I don’t mind Brownie…I actually think I prefer him to cookie cutter dog mascot Chomps. Hoping Brownie doesn’t go the way of other short tenured mascots like Boomer the Cannon for the CBJ. At least Brownie doesn’t look like a….ya know…

  • Chomps isn’t the greatest, but I also don’t see Browns fans getting 100% behind an elf. Why not keep the name… Brownie… and merge the two. A dog mascot with an elf hat or some sort of tie-in. Most people figure the Browns mascot has something to do with the Dawgpound anyway.
    …..maybe I should just draw it and post it. Pictures, 1000 words, and whatnot.

  • Jason Hurley


  • MrCleaveland

    “Why have a mascot made if you aren’t sure it will make the cut?”

    Come on, Rick, you should know by now that it’s a process. Right now Brownie’s not able to get reps with the first team, but behind the scenes he’s still preparing for every game as if he’s the starting mascot. We like his potential and we feel the game will slow down for him as he gets a little more experience and continues to grow and develop some chemistry. He’s making progress every day, and we’re very happy with him.

  • mgbode

    I heard that we have tried to get him to sign to a cheaper contract, but he isn’t budging, so we just keep failing his physical on Sundays. at some point, he’ll break, we’ll get a cheaper deal, and all will be right with the world again (non-guaranteed contract means he only gets paid if he shows up. he’ll break.).

  • scripty

    Brownie is not an elf. He’s his own genus/species.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Yeah, but Brownie the Brownie is confusing. What would everyone think if Brownie changed his (its?) name. Or is it “the” Brownie and his (its?) name is unknown. So many questions.

  • Kildawg

    Cylindrical object with 2 round objects that leave shape to be wildly interpreted by imagination?

  • that’s Rizzo’s sidekick, without the dripping snots…

  • jamierules

    a penis!

  • ScarfDawg

    I hope they continue to utilize the elf. I’m tired of the orange helmet
    being our team’s primary logo. I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated version
    of the elf either (ie: creating a more bad-ass/intimidating elf). Thoughts?

  • ScarfDawg

    Yes! I agree, the Brownie is not an elf… He’s more of a hobgoblin if anything.