John Moffitt: “It would have been easy to walk away from Browns”

Former Seahawks and Broncos’ guard John Moffit made headlines this week for retiring from the NFL at the age of 27. Moffit made his rounds with the media this week to explain his decision to walk away from the fame and fortune of the NFL to “live a normal life.”

Moffit joined The Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning to explain his decision. After Moffit went on to explain his desire to work a regular nine to five job and be a normal member of society, Patrick pried the former Wisconsin lineman on the difficulty of walking away from a Super Bowl contender.

“I’ts easier I think to walk away from Jacksonville than it is Denver? Patrick asked.

To which Moffit responded, “Yeah it would have been easier to walk away from the Browns who I almost went to before I got traded to Denver. But in reality it didn’t make a difference to me because my heart’s not in it.”

The Browns acquired Moffitt earlier this season to provide some support at the depleted guard position, but the trade was voided by the NFL because of a failed physical due to a reportedly lingering knee issue. Moffitt returned to Seattle where he was later acquired by the Super Bowl-hopeful Denver Broncos.

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  • newprodigy

    Hey John Moffitt…just Stopit…no one cares

  • stryker1121

    Boo for the click-baity headline. Boo to me for falling for it.

  • Mark

    Yeah, it would have been easy for Moffitt to walk away from the Browns because once Lauvao came back he would have been on the bench. Enjoy being a 9-5 schlub like the rest of us, jerk.

  • big z

    Pretty dumb. I’d imagine he’ll regret his decision terribly at some point. Or not; whatever.

  • Kildawg

    And likely cut when Pinkston came back. Another OL got cut for Pink’s return anyway.

  • RGB

    Good thing he didn’t play for Miami.

  • mgbode

    Great for him for walking away if he didn’t have it in his heart/head anymore.

    But, John, we walked away from you first 🙂

  • RJF

    Yeah, Cleveland’s FO walked away because they wanted to pay him less, even though it was against the CBA, and then they lied about his knee still being injured to void the trade. Congratulations.

  • Trixie

    Boo hoo, he got dicked before he could dick them. Hard to feel bad for him. That’s just his side of the story anyway.