Cleveland Browns Game 10: Winners and Losers

Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.


Blech. What a revolting second quarter. What a disappointing loss. What a terrible afternoon. Let’s get to it.

LOSER: All of us. Yep. All of us that thought the Browns were going to step up and play well in a big game.

WINNER: The secondary. The defense really didn’t play bad, but after the second quarter it really didn’t matter. Obviously Joe Haden was the big winner in the secondary, outperforming A.J. Green and intercepting two passes in a game for the first time in his career.

LOSER: Jason Campbell. Not a good performance. Was he still hurting from the injured ribs? It doesn’t matter really. He was the one on the field. If he couldn’t perform he shouldn’t have been out there. Three interceptions and a hundred check downs.

LOSER: The running game. I don’t know why Willis McGahee continues to get carries. Chris Ogbonnaya did well enough in his limit carries (fumble aside) and Fozzy Whittaker had a few nice runs.

LOSER: Playcalling. This is mostly because of the Browns’ first trip into the red zone. Ogbonnaya got the team into scoring position with two rushes and a catch totaling 62 yards. Then he came out of the game. McGahee got two rushes, and then the Browns put Billy Winn into the game as a fullback. The Browns have done this before, and truth be told, he wasn’t quite the bulldozing blocker that you would hope from a guy his size. If you are going to bring in someone like Winn, it should be because he’s a better short yardage blocker than Barnidge or whoever else you have on offense.

Then, instead of plowing Winn straight ahead with a back following, they sent Winn into the flat to catch a pass. He had a defender draped all over him, and Campbell ended up throwing the ball away. The DL as fullback pass should only work if the lineman has been effective as a lead blocker.

Alright. Your turn. I saved you plenty.


  • Ben Frambaugh

    I never once said I was on the playoff bandwagon. But you make it seem like there was no hope for this game.
    Winning this game would have given us the inside track on winning our division.

  • Big Z

    That’s the problem. For me, the radio broadcast is WAY ahead of the actual game. For my parents in CLE, the broadcast on 98.5 is near perfect every game, though.

  • Big Z

    I love the team just as much as you do, but I prefer to temper my expectations. Even Tony Rizzo admitted he got “sucked into” the playoff nonsense on RBS yesterday. Mary Kay was acting like Jason Campbell was Drew freakin’ Brees in one of her articles. The media got out of control last week with the playoff talk, and that’s all I’m saying – I’m not sure why you take such offense to that, but that’s your problem. And I couldn’t care any less about your “ticks,” by the way.

  • Big Z

    I’ll root for them and be optimistic about them as well, but the media got out of control with the playoff talk last week… I feel like my point is being missed here…

  • SadnessFactory

    Bernard had runs of 13 and 11, the other 8 carries were 1, 2, or 3 yards. He caught 6 balls for 41. One was 25, so the other combined 5 for 16. If you look at it like that, we held him in check pretty well. 3 decent plays, out of 16 touches.

  • SadnessFactory

    Winner: Chris Ogbonnaya. Yeah, he fumbled, but he got hammered by 2 guys at once. No one is holding on to that ball after that hit. He had 14 touches for 99 yards. Got to get him the ball more.
    Loser: Willis McGahee. What you talking bout Willis!!! 8 touches for 17 yards. It’s really hard to watch. Every time he gets the ball you just wonder will he fall left or fall right for 1 to 2 yards. He needs to be cut at this point. Maybe we can resign Bobby Rainey… oh wait.

  • mgbode

    everybody, it’s Butch Davis!

  • Toddyus

    Is it just me, or does it irritate anyone else the way Gannon says “offense?” He pronounces it “Ow-fense.” Small thing but it drives me nuts.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    That can happen when the method of delivery is so nauseatingly horrible.

  • eric hoover

    Loser: The person responsible for Fozzy Whittaker being our return man. Why do they still allow him to return kickoffs? He is terrible and makes the worst decisions I have ever seen from a return guy. Do Norv and Chud like starting at our own 10? If so, then I also nominate Norm and Chud as Losers: For not understanding that field position helps score points.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    My expectations are tempered, but I don’t bash the world of fans (short for FANatic) for how they feel about their team. Some people have these expectations. (Personally, I prefer dealing with reasonable fans and wish more people took steps to be such…but whatever.)
    What’s wrong with expecting your team to beat a team they already beat, winning most of the games left on their schedule (something that looks far easier now than it did preseason) and having a shot at the playoffs? We had a good shot at controlling our destiny to the playoffs. We were coming off of a nice win and playing an ooponent that we had already beating. The third starting QB on our roster had just come off of a pretty good game. Our defense has been fairly stout all season long.
    As for my “ticks”. I own up when I downtick people. Everyone can see who puts an uptick, I figure it’s only fair that people know who put the downtick. That’s just how I roll. It’s not necessarily for your benefit that I do so. It’s just a personal choice.