Brandon Weeden: “For the next five weeks, I’m a Cleveland Brown”

“For the next five weeks, I’m a Cleveland Brown. After that, whatever happens is out of my control. I’m excited. This is one of the best teams I’ve ever been on as far as just the group of guys in this locker room, the atmosphere we have going on, the friendships we have and the camaraderie. It’s great. I’m going to enjoy every minute of it as long as I’m here, and then if they tell me to beat it, then we’ll see. Right now, my main focus is the Cleveland Browns and winning this Sunday.”

— On-again, off-again Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, who will start again this week, said on Wednesday to The Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot. Weeden also discussed how boos from fans bothers his teammates more than himself and he quit Twitter because “I don’t need 5-year-old kids telling me how to play the quarterback position.”

On the season, the 30-year-old from Oklahoma State is 117-for-227 (51.5%) for 1,361 yards, six touchdowns and seven interceptions. Most troubling, he’s completed just 42% of passes in opponent’s territory, a troubling trend for the Browns offense. Cleveland takes on 2-9 Jacksonville on Sunday.

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  • bossman09

    We will all sum up Brandon Weeden that same way I sum up Art Modell – “clueless”. I think both Brandon and Art think/thought they were doing the right things and had the best intentions, but are so far separated from reality that they did things nobody understood.

  • Wow

    PR 101- don’t call out fans, especially when there are still home games left.

  • maxfnmloans

    At his age, I’m guessing EVERYONE seems like a 5 year old whippersnapper

  • C-Bus Kevin

    First off, Brian Hoyer…still more wins than Weeden or Campbell, and he only appeared in 3 of 11 games. Without Hoyer…WE are the Jags.

    Second, Weeden misspoke regarding twitter. He meant to say he was tired of 5-year-olds accurately diagnosing the faults in his play.

    That’s actually my biggest complaint with Weeden. He plays like I imagine I would play QB in the nfl…waiting to see receivers get open, holding the ball too long, afraid to try to throw guys open. Basically, I like to believe my QB knows much more about playing the position than I do. That’s the thrill of watching the pros play…they routinely make plays that leave you wondering “how did he see that developing?” Weeden looks like he doesn’t know the routes sometimes, like he’s playing backyard football with no set plays, and he is hoping he can find an open receiver and throw it hard enough to beat coverage. If I can see the guy get open before Weeden throws it, that’s too slow.

    I wish broadcasters would finally switch to showing plays from behind the offense on the wire can as the standard view so that we the viewers could better see the passing lanes.

  • Wow

    This guy gets it. Yesterday, we saw QB’s who know what they are doing. It’s downright scary to see the gap between the Browns and the rest of the league at that position.

  • cmm13

    The majority of NFL teams turn into the Jags when their starting QB goes down.

  • cmm13

    “Yesterday, we saw QB’s who know what they are doing”
    …. you must have missed the Packers game.

  • Scooter

    Hoyer wasn’t our starting QB. Remember, he was our THIRD STRING!! This is what troubles me more than anything that has happened this season. This regime named Brandon Weeden our starter in the preseason and beyond. Why would we have any trust in the idea that they will now be able to pick “the right guy” in the next draft?

  • Wow

    OK if I have to be specific how about Stafford, Ben, and Flacco??

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Agree to an extent. Chud is on record saying that all three QBs looked pretty eve heading into the season, and with the exception of some bright moments for Hoyer, they have. The big thing I don’t like about their decision making was that they left Weeden in as the starter for so long after Hoyer went down and basically did nothing while the season circled the drain.

    I know there weren’t a lot of options out there, but I think they should have viewed it as an “anybody but Weeden” situation. It’s been pretty obvious all year that Weeden is an ineffective QB.

  • Garry_Owen

    I honestly cannot believe that anyone has a problem with this. Sometimes, I tell you, Cleveland fans . . .