Animated: Davone Bess shows some serious shake and bake

Bess Shake and Bake

Davone Bess had a pretty good game today for the Browns, but nothing was finer than this move in the open field that sprung him for a TD.


  • Lunch

    Now that’s juicy!!

  • hanover_fist

    awesome. it also doesn’t show the first move he put on the CB covering him to get open… he broke several ankles on this play.

  • dimoko

    Thanks Craig! All it needs is Chris Berman yelling “WHOOOOP”


    No. No man. Nothing ever needs Berman. Ever.

  • dimoko

    but what if something is AWESOME BABY!!!!!!????

  • stryker1121

    Used to pull that move in Madden ’98. What a make-good game for Bess!