While We’re Waiting… Um, guys? The Browns are 3-2.

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First things first. Boom. []


“In a rambling answer to a question about what happened, Kosar didn’t say whether or not he was drunk when he was driving, but he did say he didn’t put anyone else at risk, even though he realizes it may appear to others that he did.” [Smith/Pro Football Talk]


“On one hand, I’d respectfully suggest that after three seasons that saw the Cavaliers ring up a combined record of 64-166 and post three straight fifth-place finishes within their own division, a fifth-place finish in the Eastern Conference would be a pretty darn good cause for celebration. As a matter of fact, after ending the last three years with the NBA’s second-worst, third-worst and third-worst records, I wouldn’t really bat an eye if Clevelanders responded to slotting in the middle of the East’s playoff pack with a rapturous, synchronized-dancing-in-the-streets sort of affair not seen in the city since Drew was rolling with the Presidents.

On the other, though, this is precisely the sort of thing that general manager Chris Grant was looking for when he offered the about-to-turn-30-year-old Jack a four-year, $25.2 million contract in free agency after a stellar season backing up Stephen Curry for the Golden State Warriors. (Jack placed third in voting for the 2012-13 Sixth Man of Year Award won by the New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith.)” [Devine/Yahoo Sports]


“The Tribe’s 10-game winning streak to end the season (something no team had done in 42 years) was maybe the most exciting and enjoyable stretch of regular season baseball I’ve ever witnessed. You know what, scratch that, I don’t need to qualify it with ‘maybe;’ that winning streak absolutely was the most exciting stretch of regular season baseball I’ve ever witnessed. It came at a time when a single loss might have sent the team tumbling out of the Wild Card race, giving every game a do-or-die feeling. It came at a time when, because of the wonders of technology, I could watch every game, something I’d never been able to do before in a contending year, on account of geography. It came at a time when I could come here and share in it all with all of you, and have you share in it with me.” [Lukehart/Let’s Go Tribe]


“In 2011, it was Carlos Hyde who benefited from a suspension to another running back. Boom Herron missed the season’s first six games. During Herron’s sideline sequester, Hyde ran wild. The week before Herron’s return Hyde rushed for 108 yards at Nebraska. One week later, Herron was back, and Hyde received three carries. Herron didn’t have to work his way back. Instead, he was simply handed the starting running back position.

Disgruntled and baffled, Hyde went to Twitter and threatened to transfer. Cooler heads prevailed, but Hyde’s carries still plummeted.

The next season featured a new head coach and new offensive gameplan. Jordan Hall was pegged as the Chosen One at tailback, meaning Hyde would once again have to prove himself through an unwavering work ethic. That is until a freak accident in late July thrust him into Braxton Miller’s running mate. Miller-Hyde 2012 won in a landslide, rattling off 12 wins to complete just the sixth perfect season in Ohio State history. Perhaps a shard of glass to Hall’s foot changed everything.” [Rowland/Eleven Warriors]


  • mgbode

    it’s preseason fluff, but I already loved Jarrett Jack and now he’s a Cav. he’s going to take some horrendous final shots that we wish would have gone to Kyrie, but, he’s also going to be fun to have on the team.