While We’re Waiting… Oh to be at least mediocre?

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Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to

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“Aviles will be 33 in March, but the Indians can keep him through 2015 if they wish. He’ll be making $3.5M next year, and the Indians have a $3.5M option for 2015. That’s bench player money, and if everything works out that will be his role with the Indians. The only exception I could see to this would be if the Indians trade Asdrubal Cabrera this winter and use Aviles as the starter until Francisco Lindor is deemed ready. I do not think Aviles is a viable option at third base as an everyday player (doesn’t seem as comfortable there, and doesn’t have the bat for a corner spot), and Jason Kipnis isn’t going anywhere. So I think that unless Cabrera is traded, Aviles will remain an important part of the bench, and nothing more.” [Let’s Go Tribe]


“Through mistakes, penalties, and missed connections, the Browns could not get anything going of real substance after that, but in terms of a job interview and Campbell ‘auditioning’ for the start next week and perhaps the rest of the year appeared successful, though he has not been named as the starting quarterback for next week just yet. 17 points is not going to win many football games and obviously it did not here, but Campbell did not make the critical mistakes that were characteristic of Brandon Weeden that forced the Browns to make this move. Making most of the plays he should and just avoiding disaster was a substantial improvement for the Browns at the quarterback position and resulted in the Browns having a chance to win.” [Smith/Doug Pound Daily]


“Roughly three-quarters of the league’s 30 teams have full-time staffers charged with dissecting numbers — most have clunky titles, such as Senior Quantitative Analyst, Basketball Information Coordinator or Manager of Basketball Analytics. The smarter dissection of data has changed the way general managers construct rosters, coaches teach players and those players act and react on the court.” [Haber/Washington Post]


“Thanks to Zach Smith and Urban Meyer, the current crop of Buckeye receivers are totally committed to all facets of the position. And while it’s hard to quantify, they might collectively be the best set of blockers an Ohio State has fielded in recent memory. There has actually been a fair amount of great downfield blocking receivers come through Columbus – Dane Sanzenbacher immediately comes to mind – but as far as depth, this group is outstanding with last night serving as the latest example.” [Lauderback/Eleven Warriors]


A handy guide. “Do not tweet at an athlete if … The athlete did not perform well enough for your fantasy team. The athlete performed well, but the team lost, but it still feels like his fault. The athlete is Donovan McNabb. You’re a racist.” [Deadspin]