Video: Loyal (a Lorde “Royals” parody about the Cleveland Browns)

Earlier this week WMMS’s The Alan Cox Show produced a parody of 16 year old New Zealand sensation Lorde’s number one hit song “Royals”. The song pokes fun at the ongoing frustrating quarterback situation and the heavy drinking that goes along with it.

Lyrics by Erika Lauren, Alan Cox, and Bill Squire
Production by Miles Hlivko


I’m used to seeing Weeden getting sacked
I’d cut him if I wasn’t just a drunk in the Muni
No, I’m not proud of my quarterback
In a football town, no trophy envy
But every throw is like oh sh!t, hell no, what were you thinkin’
Get rid of the ball before you take a beating
We don’t care, just give it to someone on our team
And even Chud is like Jason Campbell I guess you can start this week
Hoyer’s out no pressure but seriously
We don’t care, the Browns always have next year
And we’ll always be loyal
Brown and orange run in our blood
A winning season just ain’t for us.
At least the defense doesn’t suck
I got beers in my cooler
Yeah that’s all I need
And baby I’ll drool, I’ll drool, I’ll drool, I’ll drool
Passed out by quarter 3


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