Scott Raab on the Browns vs. Chiefs, Lou Reed and the upcoming Cavaliers – WFNY Podcast – 2013-20-28

WFNY Podcast LogoScott Raab was on his way to the airport and it was a perfect opportunity for us to do our podcast as he was driven through NY traffic. Here’s the email I sent him the night before.

Hope all is well.

We’ll obviously talk about the Browns. I’m not going to say too much, just that I wasn’t horribly disappointed and that I’m looking forward to next week’s game against the Ravens.

I also really want to talk about Lou Reed. I’m sure lots of people will too, but I would guess your perspective will be as good or better than nearly anyone’s. Even before Googling, I just assumed you had talked to Lou Reed at some point in your career and sure enough, I found this. http://www.esquire.com/features/what-ive-learned/lou-reed-learned-0400

I was late to understand Lou Reed. The first time I ever heard Sweet Jane it was the Cowboy Junkies version from Natural Born Killers. The Velvet Underground came into my world in high school, but even then I wasn’t sold. I couldn’t escape Lou Reed in my travels as a music fan, but it was weird. I loved all the bands that Lou Reed influenced in indie rock more than I loved the originator. Most notably the Pixies name-drop Lou Reed in one of their songs. Can’t remember which one right now.

It’s not right, but that’s how it worked for me. I never questioned his importance to American music though. Kind of like even if you don’t like Dylan, you can’t deny his importance.

Ron and Fez close every show on Sirius XM with Satellite of Love and it’s become my favorite Lou Reed song by a longshot. It makes me feel like a fraud though. I feel like loving that song makes me a Bowie fan more than a Lou Reed fan. Anyway, he should be talked about.

Lastly, I’d be interested to know if you’re watching the World Series.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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  • 216in614

    Something is wrong when I subconsciously think “Oh good lets talk about something not depressing” when you switch from talking Browns to Lou Reed.

  • Ha! Well we were trying to honor a man even if it’s bad news that he passed away, I guess. That’s KIND OF positive in a weird kind of way.

  • Clint

    Winning 10 games just isn’t reasonable right now.
    I don’t believe in “moral victories” but there are things to feel good about

  • MFK

    Dear Mr. Lyndall,

    This letter may come off a bit harsh but I am just one person and what do I know. I have been listening to the Raab podcast for a while now. I was originally interested because I enjoyed his part in the ESPN Believeland article and the “coin” story. I am still not sure my feelings on Mr. Raab and his opinions but I do find him entertaining.

    I am guessing that you have put in many hours and sacrificed a lot to have such success with this website. It has garnered some national attention and from what I can tell given you a strong reputation as an up and comer in the cleveland media. What I don’t understand is now that you have been become “relevant” and gotten a celebrity (at least by cleveland standards) on your podcast you role over and let him walk all over you. Every time you make a point and Scott disagrees with you, you backtrack and come up with some I see your point BS. For example your blame refs talk today. I was in Mr. Raabs corner on this but that doesnt mean you can’t stick up for yourself. he said he was embarrassed for you. This is your website man and you are running the podcast.

    Whether he knows it or not Mr. Raab is challenging you to defend your position and show you are not like a lot of the other yes men cleveland journalists. Thats why he brings them up so often. He’s not gonna bite your head off or stop doing the weekly talk if you actually have a debate. My guess is you will gain more respect from him. Im not saying the listener wants to hear fighting or yelling but we are clevelanders and we are drawn to those with backbone.


  • Wasn’t Lou Reed kinda the Werner Herzog of rock?

  • GoatHeadedBoy

    I’m not sold on Raab’s theory of Cleveland tanking. You said it yourself; Hoeyer and Campbell didn’t look like starters in training camp and Weeden did. I would’ve played Weeden too.

    Sometimes I completely agree with Raab and other times I’m certain that he overdid it with the psychedelics in the late 70’s.