Norv: Trade rumors could be negatively impacting Josh Gordon’s play

I would hope not, but I’m realistic to know that it does [impact play]. He’s a young guy. He’s not very experienced. He wasn’t the go-to guy as a young player, so this is all a new thing for him. I think when you add those things to it, it can affect him. Obviously, we’re doing our best to focus and let him understand that he’s our guy, and we want him to be as good as he can get.

— Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner on Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. On the season, Gordon has 27 receptions for 450 yards and two touchdowns, but is coming off of his worst game of the year large in part to the abysmal play of quarterback Brandon Weeden. With the NFL trade deadline less than one week away, it can be reasonably estimated that rumors will continue to swirl and media folks will continue to ask the player how he feels at every given opportunity. ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently reported that multiple teams have called Berea to inquire about Gordon’s availibility. Browns CEO Joe Banner has stated that the team has no intentions of trading their best play-maker, but has not closed the door on the possibility of a deal if the right opportunity presents itself.  “From what I’ve seen, I think he wants to be here,” said teammate Willis McGahee. “I’m hoping he wants to be here. When you hear you’re about to get traded, your spirits change a little bit. But the only thing I can tell him is that it’s a business and anybody is expendable. Just go out and do your job. Do what you do. Don’t let people see you all bent out of shape and things like that.”

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(Source: Akron Beacon-Journal)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If I was Gordon the rumors would make me want to play better just because I stood a chance at being traded!

  • BenRM

    Seems reasonable. He should suck it up, but his being upset by the rumors are understandable.

  • MrCleaveland

    For anybody else, I might think this is a complete crock. There aren’t any newspapers or talk shows out on the field. But since Gordon has all sorts of issues, I can see him not being able to deal with trade rumors.

    I’m over him. I hope we can trade him before the deadline and get somebody in here who wants to play and wants to win. Unused talent is worthless.

  • Lunch

    “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy”
    Ms. Frizzle

    Now with that in mind, I have a better idea. Let’s keep Gordon and take a chance that he will stay clean (likely scenario because he wants to keep playing football). That way the Browns can focus on filling holes that still needs to be filled through free agency or the draft. Like A QB, a second WR, and maybe a RB as well.

  • matt underwood

    how about we just dont trade him – ever.

    Im sick of having to see the likes of jujuan dawson, andre davis, firshman jackson, quincy morgan, darren chevarini, leslie shepard, zola davis, david dunn, dennis northcutt, andre king, et al…

    the list is almost as pathetic as the former quarterbacks list.

  • Harv 21

    I like watching Joshie more than any other offensive player we’ve had since ’99. Having said that, I’d be happy not to read another word about him for like 2 years. Be happy, be worried, give effort or don’t, clean urine or dirty … man, so sick of the endless analysis into the brain of our football Nuke Laloosh.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    I understand the front office listening to offers. There are always desperate organizations out there (see Indianapolis trading a 1st rounder for Trent.) Might as well see what you can get for a guy.
    That being said, Josh does need to grow up some (if the trade rumors are bothering him.) You’re a 2nd year player with a problem with banned substances. If you don’t want trade rumors, get out of the NFL. Good players are always coveted. It’s a good thing that there are some trade rumors about you…that means someone thinks you’re good enough to be on their team.

  • turnercr

    Agreed harv. The only thing I want to read about is his good performances.

  • turnercr

    I agree. If someone will give you something stupid for him take it. But if you trade him you better d@mn well get a LOT in return. Acquire assets all you want, but even if you do get that rookie QB we all want (cough.. Mariota cough) you can’t have him throwing to all rookies too! You need some established talent on the team to make his transition into the NFL easier.

  • turnercr

    Little, MoMass whoever comes in next year if they do trade Gordon… you’re right we need established targets for whoever we do end up with as QB

  • turnercr

    Unused talent you say? He was the best rookie WR last year. I think this kid will be really good and if we move him we’ll end up regretting it most likely

  • MrCleaveland

    I’ll grant you that he’s had some real flashes of excellence. But he checked out last Sunday. He could have made that catch on 4th and 15, but he didn’t put any effort into it. He didn’t go after the ball. He stood there and waited for the ball float down to him. He didn’t want it. There’s no excuse for that.

    There was another play, the details of which I don’t remember, where he didn’t try. I’d be happy to let him go loaf for someone else.

  • SteveKnicks

    Should be a no brainer to keep Gordon. If he fails a drug test, he fails a drug test. If the Browns don’t get to use Josh Gordon’s insane talent, nobody should be able to use it either. A 2nd rounder for Josh Gordon??? Give me a break!

  • turnercr

    You’re right. He does check out from time to time which is extremely frustrating. I’m not excusing him at all, however young guys do that on every team in every sport in the world. Some of them grow up and get past it and some don’t. Wouldn’t you hate to trade him only for him to grow up and become an immense talent in this league and only get a 2nd round pick out of it?

  • MrCleaveland

    I wish I was as optimistic as you that he will grow up and get it. But I don’t think it’s a risk worth taking. Behavior and attitude like his is cancerous. You need to be able to count on people. I don’t think anybody can count on him.

  • turnercr

    Fair point. But I don’t think only getting a 2nd round pick is a risk worth taking personally. If someone gave us a 1st round pick I’d feel much better about losing our best WR

  • Sam

    NFL News: Brandon Weeden affecting Josh Gordon’s play.