NFL Trade Rumors: Browns would entertain offers for Jordan Cameron

While Josh Gordon has been the hot name in the NFL rumor mill, many in the league who have been in contact with the Cleveland Browns believe the team would also entertain breakout tight end Jordan Cameron. In discussing potential targets for fringe contenders like the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns have not only been among the most active teams as the league nears Tuesday’s trade deadline, but that the Browns continue to be on the prowl for additional draft picks.

“According to some who have been in contact with the Browns, they believe Cleveland would entertain offers for emerging tight end Jordan Cameron as well as Gordon, though it would take a steep haul of picks and/or players to acquire them,” writes La Canfora.

Gordon is a young, dynamic play-maker who also happens to be one failed drug test away from a one-year suspension. Cameron, in his third season with the team, is on pace for roughly 1,200 yards and 12 touchdowns this season. Neither player was drafted by the current Browns regime and are at what could be considered “high value” in the event they were viewed as commodities.

Given the current quarterback issues for the Browns, the team is understandably geared toward finding a franchise player in the 2014 NFL Draft. They are already armed with two first-round selections (their own and one acquired earlier this season from the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for running back Trent Richardson). Team CEO Joe Banner stated that the team had no intentions of trading Gordon, but was non-committal last week when (once again) confronted with the question.

“If you’re in this long enough, you learn to never say anything absolute, because then something comes up and you look like you lied,” Banner said. “I personally — and I think anybody here — would be completely shocked if we ended up trading him. Josh is playing great. He’s working his butt off.”

To this point, there has been no formal word with regard to the Cameron-based report by La Canfora.

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  • Bryan

    OK. This is officially silly. The semantics of LaCanfora’s statement render it completely meaningless: “they believe Cleveland would entertain offers.”

    Great. Yes. If someone offers us Andrew Luck for Gordon of Cameron, the Browns would “entertain it.” That doesn’t mean we have any intention of trading Gordon or Cameron. It means if someone is stupid enough (like they were with T-Rich) to vastly overpay for one of those players, our FO would think about it.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Ugh. I’m about *this* close to being done with the Browns this season. Not because of their performance, but because I’m tired of everything else surrounding this team that has nothing to do with playing the game.

  • Jobu

    All this BS national media rumor-mongering stops after Tuesday.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Exactly. Which is basically what Banner is saying. Sure, if someone wants to give us a #1 and some more for Gordon, you’d have to think about it. You’d be an idiot not to.

  • Bob

    Well, technically, shouldn’t we always be willing to at least listen to an offer?

  • This is fantastic for morale. Bravo.

  • Bob

    As per reported by NFL network, there may be some players traded to new teams before the trade deadline. This is, of course assuming that a scenario where no trades take place does not occur. In which case the rosters will be as they are now. Stay tuned to our 24 coverage.

  • chris wilson

    This would be a tragedy; how are the Browns going to develop a young quarterback if they trade away all of their weapons?

    I don’t see how Campbell/Weeden/QB of the future/Hoyer or anyone could score points if they trade Gordon and Cameron.


    Take a chill pill people….the front office isn’t just looking to dump these guys for the sake of it. As others have mentioned, you’d be dumb not to listen to offers for anyone (Thomas and Haden included). The only time someone should be off limits is when the FO is convinced they have a franchise, possible super bowl winning QB on the roster. Just because you’re listening doesn’t mean you’re actually going to accept any of the garbage people are offering.

  • mark__j

    “also happens to be one failed drug test away from a one-year suspension…”

    He also happens to be a guy that has failed 4 tests over the last 4 years (one a season) and was kicked off his last two teams for drugs.

    The next indication of Josh Gordon actually staying clean will be the first. I’d trade him for a second round pick and keep him if the offer was less.

  • mgbode

    go root for Buffalo!


  • Harv 21

    hey, at least this crap is player-related. A few months ago this site had daily Flying Pilot J updates.


  • Natedawg86

    Luck for Weeden and Gordon. do it

  • @TheDeePagel

    Actually, it won’t stop after Tuesday. That’s the time we start hearing about all the players and offers that were out there that never took place. These rumors will continue….including February, March, and April again when draft season gears up.

  • 216in614

    Wouldn’t it be smarter to save them and trade them on actual draft day to make sure we get what we want with these picks?


    This is the inverse of the “Indians won’t offer Ubaldo a multi-year deal.” Well, no, they’ll offer one, but it will get rejected.

    The Browns might listen to offers if someone calls, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to trade those players.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    No that happens in baseball not football.

  • Mr0verk1ll

    “Neither player was drafted by the current Browns regime”

    Stop. Stop this now. There has never been any indication that the current FO cares about things like that. To the contrary they’ve kept assets that they value so far.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Team X: We’d like to trade for Jordan Cameron.
    Banner: Ha ha! It would take 2 first-rounders to pry him from us!

    LaCanfora: Any trade news?
    Team X: That meanie Joe Banner said it would take 2 firsts to get Jordan Cameron.

    LaCanfora: According to some who have been in contact with the Browns, they believe Cleveland would entertain offers for emerging tight end Jordan Cameron as well as Gordon, though it would take a steep haul of picks and/or players to acquire them.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If Mike Holmgren was employed by Indy this might have a chance!

  • nj0

    It really doesn’t take much to be a sports reporter these days, does it?

  • BenRM

    What I find most annoying about these trade rumors is that the national sports media seems to think, “A 4th round pick is totally fair for Gordon. Do it Patriots! It’s only a 4th Rounder!”

    No one is saying, “LOL 4th Rounder!”

  • RGB

    I think any trade made, should be contingent on the other team taking Weeden as part of the deal.