NFL Trade Rumors: Browns talking Josh Gordon with 49ers?

It was reported a couple weeks ago that Josh Gordon was on the trade block and he still could be right now. He’s had some great games coming off of suspension, but what we don’t know is if that makes him more or less likely to be traded. According to Ian Rapoport, it would take a second rounder to get him out of Cleveland.

As the Browns have been celebrated for the boldness of trading Trent Richardson for a first rounder, would they be celebrated for trading Josh Gordon? Obviously the answer depends on what they get back for the young, troubled wide receiver. It’s also hard to figure out what the news would do to the previous thoughts that have just barely been extinguished about the team “tanking” the 2013 season thanks to Gordon’s return from suspension and the emergence of Brian Hoyer.

Obviously we’ll have to see. It’s hard to compare the potential trade of Josh Gordon to the trade of Trent Richardson. There have been mostly questions about Trent Richardson’s on-field contributions. That’s not been the case with Gordon. Simultaneously, there haven’t been a lot of questions about Trent Richardson as a citizen and it’s undeniable that Josh Gordon has a history of making mistakes and is walking up to the plate with two strikes at all times.

In (most likely) unrelated news, the Browns did re-sign Josh Cooper to their practice squad today…

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