NFL Rumor: Browns were interested in trade for Eugene Monroe

There had been murmurs earlier in the week of the Browns’ reported interest in Eugene Monroe, the left tackle just traded from Jacksonville to Baltimore. Now, we have the gory details, courtesy of CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora’s latest report:

The Jaguars dealt starting left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Ravens this week for fourth- and fifth-round picks, with Jacksonville assuming $2.35 million of Monroe’s salary and the Ravens paying $547,000. The Browns, hearing of the Ravens nearing a deal for Monroe, reached out to the Jaguars late, and asked of their interest in a player (believed to be receiver Greg Little or right tackle Mitchell Schwartz) , but were told the Jaguars had no interest in the player at that point that trade was essentially complete, sources said.

La Canfora said the trade talks were exclusively between the Jaguars and Ravens, much like the Browns and Colts discussion of the Trent Richardson deal. The Browns would have had the ability to absorb more of Monroe’s long-term deal and would also have been willing to throw in a second-day draft pick, if needed. But talks never occurred.

Overall, the meat of this report is this: the Browns “valued Monroe very highly as a long-term answer at right tackle” with Joe Thomas at left tackle. Considering the team’s interest in Monroe and Schwartz’s potential availability in such a deal, it appears that is unsurprising. Overall, the second-year pro has struggled so far this season.

Cleveland also was interested in Arizona left tackle Levi Brown, who later was traded to the AFC North and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Monroe, an unrestricted free agent this upcoming offseason, could perhaps reach a long-term deal with the Ravens, but no attempts have been made yet by the team.

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  • Robbie S

    Well, this front office seems like they are in ‘win now’ mode. If they don’t think Schwartz can put it together and they are looking to trade for a veteran, that’s a good thing.

    Still, I think we should hold off on getting crazy with these trades and plug the holes they identify through the draft. We have enough picks, use them.

  • BenRM

    Schwartz looked strong last year….not so much right now. I would have liked to see something like this happen.

  • DJ

    Schwartz can’t look very good with cousins next to him. Thomas wouldn’t look good with cousins next to him.

  • bossman09

    Agreed. They need to see if Schwartz can pick it up. He was very solid the last 8 weeks of 2012 and rated very highly was well.

  • derek

    Schwartz struggles with the speed rush and got pushed around by m. willams. Having eric steinbach next to him wouldn’t change that. How is greco doing between thomas and mack? I would say average.

  • saggy

    well, to be fair, everyone gets pounded by Williams. It would be like judging a pitcher on how well Barry Bonds hits him.

  • Henry Brown

    Wrong, draft picks are unproven commodities. If you feel the need to fill a hole, getting a proven veteran is the way to go. It doesn’t apply to all positions but holes on your O Line have to be filled with competent players or you get what you saw in games 1 and 2 and to a lesser extent in the rest of them. Especially with a slow, unmobile Weeden we need better right side players asap.

  • mgbode

    ok, how about Cameron Wake? or Dumervil?

    there are alot of good speed rushers in the NFL. those are 3 of the guys Schwartz has faced this season. he actually got a breather against the Bengals very good DL because they have more power/technique guys and he handled himself pretty well in that game.

  • Robbie S

    Well since we are going this route.


    Veteran free agents are free agents for a reason. Unless you are spending big money on a player who is to expensive for his current team, you are getting a cast off.