Cleveland Browns Game 6: Winners and Losers

Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.


The Browns snapped a three game winning streak against the Lions on Sunday. Most of the damage seemed to be self-inflicted. Today should be fun.

LOSER: Zebras and penalties. The Browns didn’t lose because of the refs. They were pretty awful however. From the phantom pass interference on Joe Haden to the roughing the passer call on Quentin Groves. There were too many mistakes by Browns that were legitimate penalties as well. Weeden’s intentional grounding. Crippling false starts. Nine penalties for 87 yards. Ugh. 

WINNER: Buster Skrine. I tweeted during the game that Buster was starting to make me a believer. Another solid game from Skrine.

LOSER: Pass rush. I am anxious to watch this one again and find out exactly what happened to the Browns’ pass rush. There was hardly any pressure on Stafford. It didn’t seem like the Browns were even the same front seven in this one. Especially the second half.

LOSER: Brandon Weeden. Two enormous interceptions. I thought the first one was going to be momentum crushing, but the defense bailed them out. The second one? What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

WINNER: T.J. Ward. Ward showed some flashes of that fierceness that we loved from him as a rookie. Solid pass break-up against Calvin Johnson and a few strong plays in the running game. Did get beat for a touchdown by the dancing with the stars rookie tight end though.

LOSER: Running game. There was an announcement at halftime that the Browns had eclipsed their season best rushing yard mark by the end of the second quarter. It just kind of hung in the air all third quarter as the Browns managed just 11 yards in the second half. Of course, to get running yards you have to, well try to run the ball.

LOSER: The fans. Sorry, but I have to call ’em like I see ’em. There were two mass exits in the fourth quarter. The first, and smaller of the two was after the Lions kicked the field goal to go ahead seven points. There were over six minutes to go in the game with the Browns down only a touchdown. The second was after the Weeden interception. I know that was a terrible pass, bit as someone in the Detroit media stated, there were over four minutes left in the game and the Browns were only down a score. Defense holds and it’s still anyone’s game.

  • BenRM

    FWIW – I believe Weeden was saying that it wasn’t a criticism he had heard about his game until this year.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Fair point, but I still find it surprising. I thought that Chud mentioned it as one of the things they wanted to do with Weeden when he was first hired was to improve footwork and speed up his decision-making (although I know he worded it differently so as not to make it sound like such a negative thing)

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Is that true? So as a Verizon FiOS customer I can watch the Redzone channel on my iPhone for free?

  • Natedawg86

    Did he pause before he answered the question?

  • BenRM

    Either way, it is a very real criticism. It simply looks like he is not good enough to recognize what is happening during a play.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yes, some guys just can’t mentally process information as quickly as other guys. It’s an innate talent and certainly something where you see diminishing returns. My concern for Brandon Weeden is that he’s already at that point.

  • BenRM

    I agree completely.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    He stared down the reporter until he got the question he was looking for, but then got sacked during his answer.


    I don’t know about the iPhone, but it has definitely worked on my iPad with the NFL Mobile App the last two weeks. I cut my cable this year so it’s been money because I can also watch the NFL Network at all times and all the Thursday night games. We just have 1 cell phone through Verizon, not even FiOS so I imagine it’d work for you too.


    I just tried to get it to work on my phone and it says I can get Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games, plus RedZone for $5 a month. Not sure why it didn’t say this on my iPad, but still money well worth it IMO.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Agreed, that’s a pretty sweet deal… think I will have to do that. Thx!

  • Ben Frambaugh

    To be fair, the middle of the Detroit Defense might be the strongest 4-3 Tackle Duo in the game today. By a longshot.

  • Tom Skowronek Jr

    That’s fair and true. I’m more concerned about the getting beat by tight ends over the middle on consecutive plays. While DQ is not faultless, it seems if there is a missed tackle or guy trailing in coverage over the middle, its 53.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Toledo ain’t bankrupt.
    Also, screw Detroit fans that live in Ohio.