While We’re Waiting… These Browns are “an avatar”

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Boom. “Browns fans deserve more than Standard Generic Stadium, and they know it. But then again, this is the central conflict of today’s Cleveland Browns: They are a replacement for, a symbol toward and a simulacrum of a franchise that meant everything to this city … but they’re not exactly that old franchise. These Cleveland Browns are a monument to the old Browns, but they’re not the old Browns. For the sake of continuity, convenience and civic clarity, these Browns share a name, and a record book, and a fanbase with those old Browns. Their fans share memories between the two, and they’ve decided to connect them, to pretend that it’s all seamless, to pretend that 1996-98 never happened. But they’re not the same thing. The Cleveland Browns are a cover band making inferior music. They’re an avatar.” [Leitch/Sports on Earth]


“You can see everyone’s favorite offensive lineman, Oniel Cousins, getting beat by his man before Richardson even has the ball in his arms. There is one guy the Browns are letting go unblocked on the backside, so ideally, if this were blocked, Richardson would touch the ball and then cut to the right for the first down.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


Tyler Zeller, scarfing donuts- “This was not his diet all summer. But after a bout of flu near the end of last season caused the 7-footer to lose about eight pounds and left his weight at 238, he spent the first three weeks of his vacation eating anything he wanted.

In spite of his high metabolism, when he returned to Cleveland in late June, he was up 20 pounds, about eight pounds more than the 250 he played at most of his rookie season.” [Schmitt Boyer/]


Mike Polk wants your old Browns QB jerseys for-  the Something from Nothing foundation. [Youtube]


“Today, Ubaldo’s option looks like almost as big a bargain as Ben Zobrist’s. Such a big bargain, in fact, that it doesn’t make sense for him to exercise it. Granted, teams would (and should) be wary of Jimenez, who was awful for the Indians in 2011 and 2012. But say he were to extend his string of excellent outings over his final few starts. In that scenario, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to think that he could decline the option, hit the open market, and either command a multi-year deal or get twice what the option would have paid him him for a single season.” [Lindbergh/Baseball Prospectus]


Yet another video. This one is, well… special. [SB Nation]

  • Harv 21

    “They cheer for these imposters, they make them theirs, in a way this franchise does not deserve. The Cleveland Browns are ennobled by their fans. Their fans are the only reason they matter.”

    Hard for an outsider to really sense what’s been going on here, but he does. Bravo, Leitch.

  • Harv 21

    This contract situation feels like a trap for everyone but Ubaldo. The new and seemingly excellent pitching coach has finally coaxed some changes that make him competent, occasionally dominating, and ripe for serious starter money. But this success might be as fragile as Ubaldo’s psyche, and you have to doubt whether this would even continue here, never mind with a new org and different pitching coach where Ubaldo could very likely crumble under expectations again.

    But regardless, the player’s gonna get paid, and big money too . Never saw this coming in May.

  • mgbode

    kudos to anyone who went to the USMNT game last night. looked intense and is getting such due respect as being intense:

    Columbus is a magnificent footballing city

    To build a sold-out crowd of 24,584, U.S. Soccer reported ticket
    sales in 49 states (Wyoming! Really?). Flotillas of RVs poured into
    Columbus from all points. Their chants, tifos and energy will be the
    lasting memory of Tuesday night’s game. When Jurgen Klinsmann walked out
    onto the Crew Stadium field for warm-ups the crowd went wild, causing
    the vigorous German to momentarily “raise the roof.” The emotional
    choreography that preceded the game was a beautiful noise.

    As an Englishman who has lived in this country for 20 years, it felt
    overwhelming to hear and hard at first to believe I was in America.
    Many U.S. internationals who toiled in the 1980s and early ’90s will
    agree with me. The growth and passion of America’s buoyant fan base is
    as important as the development of its football team. The fans passed
    the test with flying colors.

  • Chris Mc

    An interesting thing about Leitch is that he is not only a St Louis Cardinals fan, but also an Arizona Cardinals fan. I’ll never understand personally, but I wonder how he came to continue cheering for a team that left his (presumed) hometown.

  • mgbode

    or even June/July when he was limiting runs but not getting to the 6th inning very often due to high pitch counts. remarkable the steady progression he has made this season.

    honestly, regardless of what happens with Ubaldo, my hope is that it portends to good things coming from Carrasco once Mickey puts him through ‘the program’

  • mgbode

    that is interesting. though few people in PHX are Cardinal fans, so someone should be.

  • boomhauertjs

    Polk will be getting some Weeden jerseys very soon.

  • maxfnmloans

    I had to pick my Wife up at Port Columbus last night about 7:30, and there were 3 (!) blimps over Crew Stadium. A friend of my Wife’s used to be on the Crew dance team, and she really wanted to go to the game, but even with her connections to the Crew, the cheapest tix she could find were $150.

    It was an impressive showing by the fans, to say the least

  • MrCleaveland

    Polk does it again!

    Went to the Tribe game last night. Three-plus hours of sweltering tedium.

    Late in the game, a lot of fans started making some kind of whooping, seagull-like sound. It was hilarious. Never heard that before. I wonder if Cleveland invented it.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Nope it’s been done elsewhere. I’m guessing it originated in Oakland.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    That was a great read made me feel good about my belief that the original colors and history should have been allowed to leave and an entirely new organization born. Perhaps things would have been different. Instead the NFL made it’s money let Browns fans think they had really had an impact by keeping colors and history. Meanwhile Browns fans got an organization completely rushed, an expansion draft watered down, a cookie cutter stadium and nearly 14 years of misery.