While We’re Waiting… The aftermath of an opening day disappointment

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“The Browns’ defense stopped the run. Miami finished with 20 yards rushing on 23 attempts for an average of 0.9 per carry. The Browns’ defense got to the quarterback to the tune of four sacks and seven quarterback hits. The Browns’ defense — more specifically Joe Haden — shut down their No. 1 wide receiver Mike Wallace.

Tannehill targeted the $60 million man Wallace five times and he was held to one catch for 15 yards. Unfortunately, Haden couldn’t cover both sides of the field. While Haden blanketed Wallace, the other side of the field —occupied by Skrine and Owens — was so damn wide open.” [Delco/The Orange and Brown Report]


“Point being, only the Browns know how to deflate a fanbase in such depressingly workmanlike fashion as they did today. It doesn’t matter if the owner’s an in-over-his-head soccer fan or a glad-handing Tennessean with curious business practices. Switch up the front office and the guys patrolling the sideline. Slap new name patches on the players’ backs. Nothing seems to matter. The new boss is the same as the old boss.

It’s not even frustration anymore, it’s the definition of insanity as coined by Albert Einstein. You don’t have to be a super-smart Supreme Court justice like Einstein (not Googling it) to understand that not much has changed with the Browns, at least based on game No. 1.” [Cleveland Sports Torture]


“The Browns made it clear they could not fix everything this year and opted for the front seven, enabling the corner position to try to evolve and develop. When the front seven was operating, the coverage was great. When they were not able to get pressure, the secondary was exposed. That is this defense in a nutshell. It is not going to change this season and the hope is that Skrine, Owens, and eventually Leon McFadden will improve, but will always be a problem. When bringing the house on the blitz, corners are left in one on one coverage on the back end and opportunities are there for a quarterback who can make the throws. Tannehill did as the game progressed.” [Smith/Dawg Pound Daily]


“After Braxton went down with a knee injury on the Ohio State’s 7th play from scrimmage, the Buckeye offense again turned to the smooth jazz courtesy of backup quarterback Kenny Guiton.

The unflappable senior captain took over the controls and produced 235 total yards and three touchdowns in the most extensive single-game action he’s seen during his time in Columbus, nearly breaking Twitter in the process. The 235 total yards eclipsed the 224 yards he’d racked up in his career before yesterday’s game.” [Lauderback/Eleven Warriors]


History made. “Leave it up to a couple of 2-14 teams from the year prior to make some history on the NFL’s opening weekend of 2013. The Kansas City Chiefs’ 28-2 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars was the first time in NFL history that a game has ended with that final score. As you can imagine, games where teams only score a safety are quite rare, and it was the 37th game and first since 1993 when a team finished with just two points on the scoreboard.” [Bromberg/Shutdown Corner]

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  • Hopwin

    That is the common thread on every website, newspaper and TV program I have seen. Did Banner pass that around as the talking point for the week?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I didn’t care much for the post game conferences either. It’s getting to the point that I can no longer listen to Weeden. If he looks like a deer in headlights after the game what does he look like during the game? It’s time for a visor so we don’t have to see that and perhaps as suggested by another poster earlier in the week defenses can’t watch his eyes.

    But Weeden wasn’t alone. I was disappointed in Coach Chud’s comments as well. This wasn’t another game it was another opening day loss and at home after looking completely over matched by an opponent who wasn’t even considered when people were supposed to see something different.