While We’re Waiting… Jordan Cameron making believers

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“Cameron, who played basketball at Brigham Young and walked-on USC’s team before concentrating on his football career, has quickly developed into one of Cleveland’s top offensive players. Through three games, the 6-foot-5, 252-pounder leads the team in catches (20), yards receiving (269) and touchdowns (40).

Last week, he tied a Browns record with three TD catches, including one off a fake field goal as well as the game-winner from quarterback Brian Hoyer with 51 seconds left. For Cameron, it had been quite a drought between three-TD games.

“High school,” he said. “Back in the day.” [Withers/AP]


Sad trombone? “There will be no college football video game next season from EA Sports. And depending on the duration of the legal wrangling, that absence could be longer. The NCAA pulled its license from the game in July, but there was still the possibility the game could be produced. That possibility has been extinguished.” [Bromberg/Dr. Saturday]


“Ohio State was successful twice on two-point tries in the opener against Buffalo. But a conversion attempt against Florida A&M this past Saturday went unrewarded — when Jordan Hall was stuffed after catching a pass. Is all this two-point trickeration a good thing? I submit that it is.

While an additional point may not come into play against the likes of Buffalo or FAMU, it might make the difference between overtime or victory in, say, a night road game in Evanston. One thing the swinging gate formation does is force the other team to react. If the opponent doesn’t respond properly, it creates an exploitable mismatch and potentially an easy additional point. It’s never a bad idea to put more points on the board.” [Citro/Eleven Warriors]


Ryan Raburn was on’s Intentional Talk. Great stuff. Must-watch. [MLB]

Speaking of videos, Alonzo Gee was in an interesting one. [Stepien Rules]

  • boomhauertjs

    That’s how most NBA starting SF’s treat Alonzo…good for him to get some payback.

  • Jaker

    40 Td’s in 3 games? That’s awesome. I can’t believe we are 1-2

  • maxfnmloans

    How’d you do that? I’m not even mad…that’s amazing

  • mgbode

    any usage of Anchorman is good usage.

    also, congrats in order for his sister as well. she gave birth a couple weeks ago to Blake Griffin’s child. Brynn Cameron’s name may also be familiar as she and Matt Leinart had a baby while he was the USC quarterback.

  • MrCleaveland

    And that’s your Friday Buzz!