What do you make of the Ravens game? – Cleveland Browns Roundtable


Craig: So now that the negativity from week one has been exhausted, how does everyone feel about the Browns’ chances to bounce back against a Ravens team that got their faces pounded against Denver. Michael Oher is likely to be hobbled if not out. The Browns defense didn’t play horribly against Miami. The Ravens defense still has some pieces, but they are feeling the losses of Ray Lewis, Ellerbe and Ed Reed. Still, the Ravens are 6.5 point favorites last I heard. So how are you feeling?

Jacob: Not great. Ya know, TD’s buddy TA has been all over Twitter this week talking about bets and that 6.5-pt line. One of his main points: The Ravens just aren’t very good this year. He took the under on their overall season win total and picked the Broncos last week too. He sees major regression all over their 2013 season.

In the end, the Ravens still do have a lot of offensive firepower compared to the Browns. Joe Flacco is an above-average QB at least, Ray Rice is one of the better backs in the league and Torrey Smith continues to develop. Even without Anquan Boldin or Dennis Pitta, their offense will still be OK, especially compared to the anemic Browns of late.

I think this will be a close and mostly ugly game. But I just don’t trust the Browns offense yet to put up significant points, even against a changed Ravens defense. I’m going with Baltimore 24, Cleveland 17.

Andrew: After reading Rick’s film room, I’m not feeling great at all. I just can’t see the O-Line suddenly being dramatically better this week. And if Weeden feels pressured, well, we all know what happens. I think this could potentially be yet another ugly, sloppy, low scoring affair. Pretty much the same Browns game we’ve been watching for the last 5 years…So who said the negativity has been exhausted?

TD: I would feel a lot better had the Ravens not gotten blown out and embarrassed in Denver. It’s their home opener, they are raising their Super Bowl banner, they will be fire up. Plus, they had an extra three days to think about getting destroyed. I think the Browns D will keep it close, but the right side of the line play last Sunday against Miami is extremely concerning. I expect a low scoring affair, but a loss.

Scott: Was about to say the same thing, Andrew. If anything, Im more negative now than I was on Monday.

Baltimore may not be a Super Bowl contender this year, but they’re still better than the Browns. I would feel better if Cleveland could’ve “bounced back” against the Jets or Jags. Against the reigning champs on 10 days rest during their Home Opener minutes after getting their rings? No way.

Kirk: The Browns have hung tough in Baltimore of late. The defense gets Mingo back and can build on a lot of positives. Baltimore’s receiving depth is lousy, and Haden could shut down Torrey Smith. Still, unless the team commits to Richardson running enough and the offensive line drastically improves, its going to be a long day. Browns lose a close one, 20-13.

Rick: I think that the Ravens were exposed a bit against Manning and the Broncos. Unfortunately, the Browns are not the Broncos.

You would expect that after all the talk about Trent Richardson’s limited production that the Browns would come out running against the Broncos and just keep getting Trent the ball. I’m not even sure that is the best game plan against the Ravens. The Broncos ran the ball 23 times for 65 yards, a 2.8 yards per carry average.
I think the Browns will play better against Baltimore than the did against the Dolphins, but I don’t think it will be enough.
By the way, the Browns said today that Oniel Cousins spent blah, blah time at the facility, taking extra reps before and after practice, etc.

I just don’t think that you can improve your technique a great deal in a week. The mental part of the game could be improved. He could understand more what he is supposed to be doing at the guard position. He could cut down on mental mistakes, like false starts. I think the majority of his penalties were in an effort to avoid getting beaten on a given play. Those likely aren’t going away.

In short, I think the Browns are just hoping upon a star that Shaun Lauvao comes back next week.

The funny thing is that Browns fans were ready to throw Lauvao out after last season and go with anyone else. So, will him coming back be the answer?


So there you have it from the WFNY crew. What’re you thinking?

  • Hopwin

    Pretty sure the last time we put up 100 rushing yards against Baltimore we still lost. This time around our o-line is weaker, our Tight Ends are much reduced, our secondary is worse, pass-rush is better, and our WR corp are weaker (slightly so without Gordon).

    Baltimore’s secondary is slightly weaker, LB corp is not as smart but just as physical, their WR/TE corp has dropped significantly, but their running game is the same.

    I predict same outcome. Baltimore wins again.

  • boomhauertjs

    Marlon Brown will have a big day against the non-Haden CB’s. Cousins will get dominated again, leading to lots of Trich dancing and Weeden confusion. Loss.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I like the Browns’ chances for a win when the Ravens come to visit Cleveland. By that time you’d hope both Gordon and Lauvao/Pinkston will be back. For this game, I don’t think it’ll be a talent advantage that beats the Browns, but the “12th man” if you will. Those fans are going to be going nuts after the Superbowl banner goes up and those first couple of series for the Browns’ offense are going to be rough.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Also, Lauvao still sucks. It’s just that Oniel Cousins is among the worst of all time, so anyone besides Cousins is going to get tons of love from Browns fans.

  • hutch058

    These are the kind of games The Browns win; big underdogs given no chance by anybody:

    2012 vs Pittsburgh
    2010 at New Orleans
    2010 vs New England
    2009 vs Pittsburgh
    2008 vs Giants

    I foresee a win this week…

  • Lucas Vaas

    it will be a field goal battle and we will lose cause dawson’s gone… go browns?

  • Roosevelt

    Last week was enough of the Browns for a while. They literally showed nothing that might indicate any positive progress. Someone predicted 24-17 – where are the Browns getting 17 points from? Miami is not known for defense and the Browns scored one touchdown that was best described (saw someone say this on Twitter) as “like passing a kidney stone”. If they hold the Ravens to 24, the score will be something like 24-6.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Woah… you should check out that game against Miami. You seem to be talking to people who don’t know anything about football. Miami will have a better defense than Baltimore this year… you can hold me to that. They have one of the best pass rushes in the NFL and significantly upgraded their linebacker corps and top cornerback. Meanwhile the Ravens added Dumervil which is great, but downgraded at a bunch of positions on defense including both safety positions, CB#2, and ILB. Also, that touchdown to Cameron was a gorgeous play. Fade route to the back right of the endzone and perfectly thrown to where only Cameron could grab it. I’m not saying the Browns will win on Sunday, but no one should be surprised if it’s a close game.

  • MrCleaveland

    Crushed. Like. A. Bug.

  • saggy

    Ravens and the under. 26-13.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I agree completely. Not going to say the Browns WILL win on Sunday, but they certainly CAN if they play well. I don’t see this as nearly the mismatch that a lot of people do.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    I can point to about 3x as many games we were a huge underdog and, gasp, lost. quit being short-sighted.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Until Brandon Weeden proves he can do anything productive without 5-6 seconds to survey the field, we will suck. There is no other QB in the league who gets this sort of benefit of the doubt from half the fans. Why do we blame the o-line for his horrendous play?? Just because our o-line was phenomenal last season does not mean that BW is entitled to dropping back and getting all the time in the world.

    I have flipped the switch. Im done with the guy. He is no good. Good QBs beat blitz packages, pressure, etc. with quick throws that aren’t darts into the outreached hands of receivers. Good QBs sense pressure. Good QBs know how to read deep routes, check down when it is not there, and hit the RB screen or other dump off. BW cant do any of those things. He is clueless. Give him 7 seconds to throw though and he looks great….just like any 3rd string QB in college football, let alone the NFL.

  • Sam

    I certainly don’t expect the Browns to win but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Position by position, it’d be hard for the Browns to play any worse than last week. As bad as it was, they still had a chance to win pretty late in the game against a Miami team that will be a definite player to win a depleted AFC East.